WATCH: Israeli Air Force Strikes Syrian Army Targets

 Former Weather Underground Members Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers Support Gun Control

Former Brazil finance minister sentenced to 12 years 

 Missile Defense Is Back: Keeping up with Russia, China and Other Threats

Delusional Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisor Says 'Trump is Not a Smart Man' (VIDEO) 

 The Latest: RI House OKs domestic violence gun control bill

 Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens Make The Front Page Of The NEW YORK TIMES

Muslim, Immigrant Advocates 'Prepared to Mobilize' Against Partial Trump Travel Ban 

'Shadow of death': Serial killer nurse sentenced to 8 life sentences for murder of elderly patients 

 Report: Ousted South Korean President Approved Plan for 'Leadership Change' in North Korea By Any Means Necessary

 NY Public Theater Actor Says Pro-Trump Protesters Left Him 'Sobbing'

 Baylor confirms NCAA investigation after sex abuse scandal

 Airline passenger posts vile social media message suggesting Sikh fellow flyer is a terrorist

 President Trump May Have a Profound Affect on the Supreme Court for the Next 30 Years...

'Victory': Donald Trump Celebrates Supreme Court Decision to Clear Parts of Travel Ban 

 SCOTUS Grants Certiorari in Trump Travel Cases and Stays Injunctions in Part

 HS Science Team Names Rocket After Trump Because It 'Conquers All'

 Supreme Court reinstates Trump travel ban, will hear arguments

 President Trump Claims He and Indian Prime Minister Are 'Leaders in Social Media'

 JUST IN: Leak Campaign Against Trump Is MUCH WORSE Than We Thought...

 Rob 'Meathead' Reiner: We Need 'All Out War' Against Trump

 VA Secretary Who Served Under Obama Praises Improvements Brought By Trump

 ANALYSIS: Trump Discovers The Limits Of Palestinian-Israeli Peace-Making

 Never-Trumps Infected By Fake News

 Blake Shelton sets the mood for NBC's NASCAR Cup Series coverage in this clip

 Report: Leaks by Obama Loyalists Are Endangering National Security

 Christians, Sikhs Protest India's Prime Minister at the White House

 The Latest: White House questions report on Senate bill

 Muslims are doing nothing to condemn Islamic terror

 Is Team Jihad Here To Stay?

Four Major Journalistic Retractions From CNN This Month 

 Three CNN Employees Resign Over Retracted Story on Trump-Russia Ties

(PHOTOS) New images show just how close an armed Russian jet came to an Air Force recon plane 

Two veterans and one Army deserter arrested in Kenya while trying to sneak into South Sudan 

 Fake News: 'Top American Diplomat in China Resigns Over Trump's Paris Climate Agreement Pull-Out'

 Another Dem 'queasy' over claim of Loretta Lynch meddling in Clinton case - Networks ignore Loretta Lynch story in favor of more Trump-Russia coverage - Loretta Lynch faces possible felony if alleged DNC emails exist, Judge Napolitano says

 Early antiretroviral therapy linked with bone loss in patients with HIV

 Western fires continue raging even after scorching heatwave lets up - Border patrol agents rescue illegal immigrant left in Texas heat

 Study uncovers 5.7 MILLION illegal votes (Trump proven right!)

Putin 'Bombed The S**t' Out Of ISIS In Syria: Oliver Stone 

 California father of missing 5-year-old boy charged with murder - Remains found in California warehouse may be linked to missing Uber driver

Rising seas could result in 2 billion refugees by 2100 

 A quartet of competing tech firms will partner in fighting terrorist content

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 LIMBAUGH: SHH, SHH... Don't Tell Anybody. Black Unemployment Lowest In 17 Years Under Trump

 Where The Wild Things Are: Ivanka Trump Loses Bid To Quash Deposition Over Her Alleged Theft Of Shoe Designs

 Senator Tom Cotton on American Missile Defense

 BET Awards honor leftist Women's March organizer

 La. police searching for four suspects in brutal tourist attack

 Woman severely burned in acid attack on 21st birthday

 Michelle Obama, Social Justice At The BET Awards

 Walt Disney World offers rare summer ticket deal

Sean Spicer and a White House reporter had a brief squabble over the 'no cameras' rule 

'No new bill' on Russia sanctions, Senate violated procedure - White House 

 CNN's Jim Acosta continues to model sock collection as White House hosts another off-camera briefing

 Never Mind: Networks Yawn as Bernie Sanders Is Under FBI Investigation

 After admitting to 'massive f*** up' CNN forced to make HUGE changes...

Read the passage that shows SCOTUS is 'wise to how liberal activist groups operate' - cuts them off at pass 

 U.S. to list China among worst human trafficking offenders: sources

 Senate Probes Loretta Lynch's Alleged Interference In Clinton Investigation

The ideological core of ISIS 

 English Man Sentenced To Jail For Importation Of Childlike Sex Doll

 Mueller's Trump probe: looks like a dud, but may be a rough ride

Are you sitting down? The Associated Press just called President Trump 'the ultimate dealmaker' 

 WATCH LIVE: President Trump Holds Press Conference With Indian Prime Minister

 CIA apparently told Obama in August 2016 that Putin was trying to help Trump win