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Danger: Artificial Intelligence Data Centers Are Overwhelming The Global Electrical Grid

EU Split on Chinese EV Tariffs

Trump's VP Pick J.D Vance: 'Climate Crisis' Narrative Was 'Created' to Please Democrat Donors, Chinese Elites

Northeastern Professor Hopes Trump Assassination Attempt Prompts GOP to Embrace Gun Control

Sen. Ted Cruz Names the Names of Those Killed by Illegal Immigrants

The feds say Trump's security was actually beefed up before Saturday because they had heard about a possible Iranian plot

Islamic Migrant Attacks Seen in Europe Now in NYC: Jesus Statue Beheaded by Islamic Taxi Driver (Video)

Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis - who opposed Trump in the primaries - strongly support Trump in rousing RNC speeches

Photojournalist at major news outlet warns that overuse of iconic Trump image is 'dangerous'

CNN's King: 'Donald Trump Is in Command'

Nikki Haley Makes 'Unity' Pitch at RNC to Voters Still Skeptical of Trump

Johnson: Trump 'Seems to Have a Very Clear View of What This Meant, God Spared His Life'

Democratic Senator Convicted on 16 Counts, Including Bribery: This Is Who the Dems Wish Trump Was

Marine David Dutch walked from Trump assassination attempt with gunshot wounds, friends say

Haley Calls for 'Unity,' Endorses Trump at Republican Convention

Dem Megadonor Reid Hoffman, Who Wanted To Make Trump a 'Martyr,' Serves on Microsoft, Pentagon Boards

Jon Stewart on Trump Assassination Attempt: 'By a Hair's Breath, We Dodged a Catastrophe'

Video: Trump Jr. shuts down media with epic response

Secret Service reveals shocking reason for Trump security breach

Riverside County Sheriff Bianco Reacts To Trump Assassination Attempt

God's Hand on Donald J. Trump

'Biden's Open Borders Killed My Sister: Trump is the Leader We Need to Stop the Violence' (Video)

House Dems Tried to Strip Trump of Secret Service Detail Months Before Assassination Attempt

(READ) Empower Oversight's president comments on needed oversight following assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump

(READ) Sen. Johnson demands explanation from US intel agencies re: Trump assassination attempt

'ALL OF THIS IS INTENTIONAL': Trump Surrogate Blames Secret Service for Enabling Assassination Attempt

Rubio Pays Tribute to 'Hero' Slain by Sniper at Trump Rally

Police Chief Investigated for Fraud Out as Air Marshal Deputy Director Weeks after TSA Appointment

Concerned Parents Face the Tyranny of Cancel Culture

Republican National Convention (RNC) Opened with a Prayer for the Hostages Held By Hamas, Praying for Israel and Jerusalem

SF police search for man after bizarre attack over driverless Waymo car

Jihad Joe Biden Invited Vile Antisemite Linda Sarsour To The White House

The Secret Service Story is Starting to Stink

'Welp, Nothing We Can Do Now,' Sighs Secret Service After Assassin Climbs On Modestly Sloped Roof

Asked if he's spoken with the female Secret Service director since Trump's assassination attempt, Biden says, "I've heard from him"

'Sir, We Hit a Nuclear Submarine!': How a Navy Aircraft Carrier and Russian Nuclear Sub Collided

Watch this champ troll CNN with an Epstein shirt

***Livewire*** Night Two of the Republican National Convention

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Watch Live: Night 2 of the 2024 Republican National Convention

Military procession kicks off day of pomp, pageantry and politics as King Charles leaves Buckingham Palace for historic state opening of Parliament in horse-drawn state carriage

Police arrest 10 Youth Demand activists in Westminster ahead of State Opening of Parliament

Tom Cotton Slams Biden for 'Chaos' at Border, 'Third World Invasion'

Seriously - Is There Even a 'Biden Administration', Per Se?

DEI Stands for 'Division, Exclusion, and Indoctrination,' DeSantis Says

Man, 23, Arrested For Trying To Remove Towering South Carolina Eyesore

School district sues Gov. Gavin Newsom over California's new gender-identity law

Strong eruptions from the Sun trigger blackouts in several countries

Army rules out negotiations in conflict-torn African nation

EU threats won't stop Ukraine peace mission - Hungary

EU rejects Orban's Ukraine peace proposals - Reuters

Elon Musk plans to give $45 million a month to pro-Trump super PAC, WSJ reports

Biden Considers Pushing for Major Changes to the Supreme Court

'Shocking levels of corruption': Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez guilty on all charges

'Murder by the police' near RNC: Homeless man wielding knife shot dead

JD Vance: The Perfect Pick

Biden's Bogus Accusations of 'Greedflation'

The Left Has Sold Out to Evil