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WEINER OUT: Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner released from prison

Australia denies passport to Chinese billionaire, political donor 

Six Illegal Immigrants Arrested in North Carolina, Had Ties to Mexican Drug Cartel

Warsaw Conference: VP Pence Pulled No Punches To Rein In Iran 

Wounded, Dehydrated, and Sick: Syrians Flee Last Remnants of ISIS Only to Face Brutal Conditions in the Desert 

Arizona: Knife-wielding Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS charges at cop, is shot 

The English Voice of ISIS Comes Out of the Shadows

Kurds: Islamic State Defeat To Be Announced 'In A Few Days' But Is ISIS Truly Vanquished?

Terry McAuliffe Talks About His Book When Asked About Ralph Northam

MSNBC's Lui Lauds Strict Illinois Gun Laws Even Though Murder High

Four Tanzanian Refugees Commit Gang Rape In Small-Town Idaho: What Color Was Their Victim? 

DNC Chief Perez: You Can 'Absolutely' Be a Democratic Socialist and a Capitalist

A Palestinian Terrorist Too Brutal for Fatah

Stop Sneering at Evangelicals for Supporting Trump 

MSNBC Panel Warns Ocasio-Cortez is Going to Get Trump Re-Elected 

Andrew McCabe: DAG Rod Rosenstein 'Absolutely Serious' About Wearing Wire in Meeting with Trump 

'Non Sequitur' cartoon fall-out over crude message to Trump continues 

 Chris Wallace Brings Up George Bush to a Trump Aide - Bad Idea!

 Lindsey Graham Vows to Look into Possible 'Administrative Coup' Against Donald Trump

Japan's PM nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi 

Former Obama Border Chief Shreds CNN And Backs Trump On National Emergency 

Two Trump Cabinet members were ready to support McCabe, Rosenstein COUP attempt 

Nancy Pelosi Threatens Nationwide Gun Ban to Teach Trump a Lesson 

The Aurora shooter left many questions in his wake 

The End Game of Leftist Utopia: The Jonestown Massacre 

 Palestinians Continue Looking at the United Nations as their Propaganda Arm

Cory Booker rushed to judgement, immediately called Smollett attack a 'lynching.' Now he's changing his tune. 

 Chicago police investigating whether 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett paid brothers to stage attack

 CBS Chicago: Jussie Smollett Paid Nigerian Bodybuilder Bros $3,500 for False Flag Attack

Pelosi Quietly Deletes Tweet Slamming "Racist, Homophobic" Attack On Jussie Smollett 

 Daytona 500: Dale Earnhardt Jr. defends NASCAR against public criticism

Why Did Michelle Obama Choose The Woman Who Made This Portrait To Make Hers? 

 Man Accused Of Pulling Gun On Victim Wearing MAGA Hat

 Real Hate Crime As Man Pulls Gun On Couple Wearing MAGA Hats

 INTERVIEW: Man Who Faced Down Gun-Wielding Liberal Over MAGA Hats Recounts His Story

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 Man Arrested in Kentucky After Pulling Gun on a Couple Over Their MAGA Hats

 Guy arrested after allegedly pulling gun on a couple wearing MAGA hats, but why he couldn't flee the scene is an instant classic

 It's time to fight for America and take it back from the corporate tyrants, the lobbyists and the deep state traitors

 Trump: Britain should take back Islamic State fighters

African 'Refugees' Gang Rape 18-Year-Old Girl In Idaho 

 Adam Schiff digs in on House Russian probe: 'You can see evidence in plain sight'

 Stelter Decides the Media Are Not Part of the 'Weaponized' Smollett Hoax

 Police Moving Quick To Have Smollett Hoax Case At Grand Jury Next Week


 Two Nigerian Brothers Reportedly Implicated 'Empire' Actor Smollett In Hoax Hate Crime

 CNN, MSNBC to air anti-Nazi ad Fox News rejected

 McCabe: 'I Believe I Was Fired Because I Opened a Case Against the President of the United States'

 McCabe: Rosenstein Was Counting Votes on 25th Amendment Effort for Trump's Removal

 CNN Gives Kamala the Democrat Treatment, Helps Her Try on Boutique Clothes

 AOC Caught in Ethics Dilemma, Boyfriend Found on Staff Roster

 Asia shares bounce on trade talk, stimulus wagers

 Indonesian presidential hopefuls vow energy self-sufficiency through palm

 Mohammed bin Salman meets with Imran Khan in Islamabad to sign trade deals

 Swedish royals release a guide for parents on internet safety

 DOMINIC LAWSON: I thought my old Land Rover was dodgy

 GOP Needs To Reorganize Government, Not More Partial Shutdowns

 Germany's Stalled Energy Transition

 The Wisconsin Badgers Need To Beat Illinois Monday Night

 FACT CHECK: Has Bernie Sanders Never Donated A 'Single Dime' To Charity?

 US Forests Are Burning Up Amid An 'Epidemic' Of Dead Trees. Experts Say To Cut More Down

Pelosi Deletes Sympathetic Tweet For Jussie Smollett