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The Air Force Has Few F-22 Raptor Fighters (One Just Got Messed Up)

US, Japan, Philippines Unified as China Threatens Rolling Takeover of South China Sea

US airlines decry 'unfair' competition by China

Judicial Watch Asks Court to Order Release of CIA Communications with Clinton Campaign Lawyer

Trump defense challenges jury selection in criminal hush money trial

Anti-Gunner's Op-Ed Engages in Mental Gymnastics to Justify Gun Control

Biden Regime Demands Israel Stop Attacking Hamas Even If It Doesn't Release the Hostages

U.S., Israeli officials fear most hostages taken by Hamas on Oct 7 are dead

Disgrace: Biden Announces Another Illegal College Loan Giveaway

Denver To Defund Police, Fire Dept In Order To Fund Services And Housing For Illegal 'Newcomers'

Botched Bank Robbery Gives the Alleged Illegal Immigrant Perp Away

Biden says expects Iran to attack Israel soon, warns: 'Don't'

Israel braced for Iranian attack as US moves 'additional assets' in region

Vote Out the IRS

Biden Admin Released Migrant Member of Terror Group Responsible for Killing Americans into U.S.

Kari Lake Announces Plan To Lose Another Election But This Time While Supporting Baby Murder

Reporter's Notebook: Walking along a Syrian Street Ruled by Two Governments

Federal Government Releases Suspected Afghan Terrorist - Twice

Pro-Abortion Terrorist Gets Lighter Sentence Than Peaceful Pro-Life Activists

FBI Considered Labeling Ashli Babbitt A Terrorist Following Death By Capitol Police On J6

Alvin Bragg Kicks Off Another Frenzied Lawfare Trial With Weakest Case Against Trump Yet

The Girl Who Hugged Trump In Atlanta Is a Treasure

Federal Reserve Economist on hidden camera: 'we don't want Trump to be in the government'

Why Donald Trump Is So Hated

Fox News Hit With Lawsuit After Falsely Identifying Man As Mass Shooter

House Dem Puts F-15 Deal With Israel on Ice Despite Assurances From Jewish State

After Taking Over 3rd Largest Radio Network, Soros Plots to Take 2nd Largest

Biden Admin Lets Sanctions Waiver for Iran-Russia Nuclear Work Expire-But Won't Commit to Enforcing Those Sanctions

Italy Submits to Sharia: Only Male Police Officers Can Enter Islamic Areas, Blond Women Advised To Stay Out Due to Safety Threat (Video)

As Fentanyl Streams Over Wide-Open Border, Students Lead Effort to Combat Campus Overdoses

Did Roman Polanski drug and rape a teenage British actress or is she a vengeful fantasist? As a French court decides whether the fugitive director was wrong to call Charlotte Lewis a liar for publicly claiming he assaulted her, DAVID JONES investigates

Two children went missing in the Russian River. One hasn't been found.

Suffren-Class: France Now Has One of Best Nuclear Submarines on Earth

DC Cardinal Surprisingly Praises Pope Francis on LGBT Issues

Eighty-Six House Republicans Vote for Warrantless Surveillance of Americans

House Passes FISA Extension After Warrant Requirement Defeated in Tie

Trump Flanked by Johnson: 'I'm Not a Big Fan of FISA; I Think It's Terrible'

Donald Trump, Speaker Mike Johnson Announce Election Integrity Bill: 'Common Sense'

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Sheila Jackson Lee Says Moon Is a 'Planet' That's 'Made Up of Mostly Gases,' But Things Only Get Worse When She Tries to Correct It

New Study Shows How Unhealthy Fake Vegan Meat Truly Is - Stick with the Real Thing

JANET STREET-PORTER: As the Sussexes reinvent themselves as Netflix TV stars, does anyone need Meghan the mop-wielding domestic goddess? No thank you. But give me Harry's insight into the world of polo - and all its sex, money and glamour - any day

Jamaal Bowman Defends Union Fighting Subpoena Over Anti-Israel Resolution

GOP Senate Candidate Kari Lake Slammed For Flip-Flopping On Abortion Law

DEI Isn't Going Away. Here's What Republicans Can Do About It

Luxury Airline Announced To Make Traveling Easier For Dogs

Rust gets security fix for Windows vulnerability

Texas Asks Judge to Reconsider CHNV Decision

Trump, Speaker Johnson Back Proof of Citizenship to Vote

A Grieving Mother Who Lost Her Son to Fentanyl and an Expert Who Shares How We Prevent More Deaths

Police: Missouri Man, 34, Stole Luxury Vibrators Worth More Than $1500

The Vessel, a Manhattan tourist site closed after suicides, will reopen later this year

Memorial Hermann halts kidney, liver transplants after report of altered records

Child killed in Ukrainian shelling - governor

Man 'intentionally' crashes truck into Texas government agency (VIDEOS)

FBI Abuse of Ashli Babbitt

Biden Regime Announces $7.4 BILLION Student Debt Cancellation Just Ahead of Upcoming Presidential Election

Johnson Floats Voting on Senate Ukraine Bill, With Conservative Policies as Sweeteners

University docs insist guy who lit himself on fire outside Israeli embassy was not crazy

Oct. 7 was Hamas' 'Grossaktion'

How the New York Times Foments Antisemitism

FBI: Decline and Fall

The Case for Glenn Youngkin

Francis Ngannou closes in on first fight since brutal Anthony Joshua KO with star to make MMA return after two years out

One dead, 10 injured and hundreds stranded mid-air after cable car collision