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Heartsick families of Japanese abducted by North Korea hope Trump meet will help 

Turkey: Erdogan Describes Armenian Genocide as 'Reasonable Relocation'

Couple Charged For 'Fraudulent' Sexual Assault Claim Against College Basketball Coach

NYT Confirms Hunter Biden Bank of China Deal, Leaves Out Key Details 

Joe Biden's and John Kerry's sons made nuclear and military deals with China while their fathers were in office 

US companies face retaliation in China as trade war deepens

Adidas, Nike and Clarks among 173 firms warning Donald Trump's 'catastrophic' China trade war could send trainer prices soaring 40% 

Judge Jeanine: Comey Ran The FBI Like An 'Organized Criminal Enterprise' 

Sparks fly during Ben Carson testimony on taking public housing away from illegal immigrants, Dems blasted as 'selfish' over 'bad behavior'

Ben Carson angers Dems with illegal immigrant HUD policy: 'You take care of your own first' 

A West Texas Reader Scores Democratic Congresscritters For Wanting To Employ Illegal Aliens As Staffers

Neo-Cons Beat the Drums Against Iran War 

US Policies Can Manage the Threat of Iranian Terrorism; Iran's People Can Eliminate It 

Confidential draft IRS tax memo says tax returns must be handed to Congress unless president uses executive privilege: report

BREAKING, Game Over - IRS Memo Shows Dems Are Never Getting Trump's Taxes 

Draft IRS memo: Trump tax returns must be given to Congress

 Eric Holder indicted for the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle

'Fool of low IQ': North Korea roasts Biden after presidential hopeful attacks Kim Jong-un 

 Permian Pipeline Protesters May Face Decade Behind Bars

'We Are Very Grateful': Operation Blessing Offers Critical Aid to Desperate Venezuelan Refugees 

 With a hop, a skip and a jump, high-flying robot leaps through obstacles with ease

 In Ford's future, two-legged robots and self-driving cars could team up on deliveries

 BREAKING, Trump Tells Syria Strikes Are Imminent

 Hamas and Islamic Jihad are Terrorist Organizations and Should be Treated as Such

 California suing Trump administration over decision to pull nearly one billion in funding for high-speed rail project

 Carter Page: Obama's FBI, DOJ May Have Spied On Trump Admin, Not Just Campaign

 Raskin (D) Mocks 2020 Democrats for Rushing Congress to Impeach Trump

 STUDY: America LESS racist in Trump era

 Huawei founder: Trump 'underestimates our abilities'

 Dopey Joy Behar Calls for All Republicans to Be Jailed for Not Supporting Trump Impeachment (VIDEO)

 Nervous, John? Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Lashes Out at President Trump and AG Bill Barr in Late Night Tweet

 So, a new study found that America is LESS racist under POTUS Trump than it was under Obama

 Oh, look: The judge who ruled Trump has to surrender financial records to Democrats is an Obama donor

 Federal Judge Rules Against Trump On Subpoena For Financial Records

 Terror-tied CAIR wants college board president fired for 'racist' Facebook posts

Daystar Television Network Studio in Jerusalem Firebombed 

 Poll: Almost Half Of College Students Do Not Believe First Amendment Protects Hate Speech

 Aladdin review: Guy Ritchie's Disney remake dazzles and surprises - CNET

So, does Sen. Chris Murphy want to go back to the Obama administration's plan to deal with Iran? 

 Turkey preparing for possible U.S. sanctions over S-400s: minister

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 Trump Takes Aim At Sleepy Joe Biden During Pennsylvania MAGA Rally

 Video: Second White House 'Farm Bailout' Could Cost As Much As $20 Billion

 Freedom Caucus Unanimously Votes to Condemn Amash for Impeachment Comments

 Clyburn: The 'Majority' of Democrats Would Vote 'No' on Impeachment Today

 Democratic Calls for Impeachment Inquiry Grow as Leaders Instead Vow to Toughen Tactics

 Florida Man Killed After Being Falsely Implicated In Rape

James Comey Joked About Being A Communist Before Joining FBI 

Gowdy: FBI has important evidence in Trump-Russia probe of investigators 

Buttigieg's Fox News Town Hall Ratings Double Those of CNN Version 

 Planned Parenthood Pres. Repeats Misleading Poll as MSNBC Hypes Pro-Abortion Rallies

The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #629 

 Hollywood Demands McDonald's 'End Agony for Billions of Animals': 'We Believe in Standing Up for Those Who Can't Stand Up for Themselves'

 Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Was 'Stuffing His Pockets with Foreign Money' While Dad Was Vice President

 The Rat Effect: When the Government Tries To Fix a Problem, But Only Makes It Worse

 LA Didn't Learn Lesson After Record 2018 Outbreak, Faces Another Dark Ages Plague

 Theresa May's Brexit gambit fails as her premiership fades

 Wayne Rooney's brother Graham is filmed with Tommy Robinson in Liverpool pub toilets video

 Change UK candidate Rachel Johnson goes leafleting for EU poll in Gibraltar

 Burglar badger is caught on camera raiding mother's freezer

 Judge lets crook go on HOLIDAY to Tenerife before he is sentenced but tells him: 'Don't let me down'

 Pope Francis has called for adherence to global governance over the world's nation states

 It's time for Hollywood and abortion to be Gone with the Wind

 Democrats Rush To Impeach, Still Lack A Reason