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North Carolina Army base: Blackout was part of training

Jiujitsu Instructor Convicted of Attempted Voluntary Manslaughter and Other Charges Stemming From an Assault of Several U.S. Airmen on a Military Base in Japan

Germany: 'Asylum-Seekers: Brutally Assault Passersby, Get Away With Light Sentences

Tom Fitton: Obama White House is Implicated in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal! 

OH MY: Obama DOJ, House, Senate, Mueller, Etc., ALL Turned Down Access To Hillary Clinton Emails. 

Creepy Joe: Illegal Immigrants Are Already Americans

Thousands of Illegal Aliens from Terrorist Nations Live in U.S. after Being 'Deported'

Study: 98,000 Illegal Aliens Graduate High School Each Year

Send them! Most Americans would support Trump sending illegal aliens to 'sanctuary cities' 

Trump's Iran Policy is Emboldening Hawkish Democrats 

Palestinian to Iranian Media: Israel is Stronger, Future Unpredictable 

Corrupt Baltimore Democrat Mayor May Have Fled State After FBI and IRS Raid of Her Home and Office

In The Name of Peaceful Religion: The ISIS Terror Team 

Cases Of Measles In The U.S. Climbs To Highest Level In 25 Years

Mother Of Baby Who Caught Measles Begs Other Parents To Vaccinate

Three-Year-Old Migrant Abandoned in Cornfield

Mexico announces 15,000 US-bound migrant deportations in April; 300k annually 

New report says North Korea ordered United States to pay two million dollar hospital bill for American prisoner

 WaPo: North Korea Sent US $2 Million Medical Bill for Otto Warmbier

 Zwift CEO Eric Min on fitness-gaming and bringing esports into the Olympics

 Yellow Vest Protesters in France =/= Tea Party Activists in America

 Former Joliet man charged with violating sex offender registry

 Morbidly Obese Sex Therapist Suggests Diets Are For Nazis

 The US Is Right to Label the IRGC a Foreign Terrorist Organization

 Jeff Deist on the Fed, Foreign Policy, and the Sri Lanka Terrorist Attack

Impeaching Trump 

 10 Reasons Trump will win in 2020

 Glenn Beck: If Trump Doesnt Win We Are Officially At The End Of The Country As We Know It

 Napolitano says Trump is guilty of obstruction: actions were 'unlawful, defenseless and condemnable'

Joe Biden Echoes Trump MAGA Slogan: 'America's Coming Back Like We Used To Be' 

 Omarosa predicts Trump will create 'chaos' to distract press amid congressional subpoenas

 How to Fight the 2020 Jihad Against Trump

 John Bercow sparks fury by snubbing Queen's invitation to attend a state banquet for Donald Trump

House Democrats to Investigate Trump Firings of Top DHS Officials 

 Obama judge blocks Trump admin from cutting millions in taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood

 BUSTED: Sean Davis OWNS Sen. Mark Warner with his own questionable texts for claiming Trump 'welcomed' Russian help

 Coast Guard Lt. Accused Of Plotting Terror Attack Released On Bail

Andrea Mitchell Gushes Over Biden's 'Dramatic' Campaign Attack Ad 

 FAKE HATE: Jewish Family 'Staged' Antisemitic Attack Against Themselves, Vandalized Own Business

 Ocasio-Cortez 'Justice Democrats' attack Biden: 'Out-of-touch with center of energy' of party

 Could this photo be evidence of failed Sri Lanka bomb mission?

Biden: I asked Obama not to endorse me 

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 The Hypocrisy Behind Calling Out Notre Dame 'Truthers'

Trump says China's Xi will soon come to White House 

 Former VP Biden's 2020 bid reshapes White House race

 New Mexico Armed Border Group Prohibited From Fund-Raising

 Announcement: Attkisson v. DOJ FBI computer intrusion lawsuit

BREAKING NEWS: FISA Court Says FBI Lied to Them, Illegally Spied 

 The FBI Has Gone Rogue With Its Facial Recognition Systems

 IRS, FBI search home, office of Baltimore mayor

Kremlin: Donbass residents able to apply for Russian passports 

 Russia's Aircraft Carrier Dream: An 85,000 Ton Nuclear Powered Monster

When Was The Last Time You Saw.... 

 Michael Avenatti Endorses Joe Biden for President

 Florida Sticks It to Sanctuary Cities, ACLU Then Issues a Travel Warning

 Cohen Now on Tape Trying To Walk Back Parts of Guilty Plea Now That Everything Crashed & Burned

 S&P 500 nudges lower as industrials drag

 Springwatch presenter Chris Packham calls in police after dead crows are strung up outside his home

 Benefits cheat who claimed he could barely walk was filmed playing CRICKET

 James Bond 25 details ANNOUNCED

 Don't allow 16 year-old vote until U.S. high schools beef up the teaching of civics and U.S. history

 How To Get Rid of That Skunk Smell? (VIDEO)

 Florida Republican Legislature Approves Funding For Pulse Memorial

 Biden's New Senior Adviser Donated To Pete Buttigieg Last Month