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Oxford vaccine trial will continue in Brazil after death of volunteer who took placebo

Volunteer in Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Trial DIES in Brazil

Kim Jong Un pledges stronger ties to China 

Obama: If I had a secret Chinese bank account like Trump, Fox News would have called me "Beijing Barry" 

Pompeo labels 6 Chinese news organizations as 'foreign missions' over 'propaganda efforts' in new media crackdown 

Beijing Readying "Retaliation List" After US Names6 More Chinese Outlets As Foreign Missions 

How Criminal Charges Against a Wall Street Icon Went from Front Page News to a Yawn at the New York Times

New Trump Rule Aims to Protect Us From Criminal Aliens Exploiting Asylum System 

Georgia Arrest Shows Why Gun Control Fails

Emotional Appeals For Gun Control Points To Endgame

Kamala Harris Failed to Prosecute Illegal MS-13 Gang Member Just Months Before He Murdered Family

Illegal Immigrant Responsible For Shooting 2 Police Officers Killing 1 In Houston Yesterday

James Woods responds to news Russia, Iran are interfering in the election to damage Trump 

WATCH: Iran ordered to pay Robert Levinson's family $1.4 billion 

Government confirms Iran was behind threatening emails allegedly from the Proud Boys to Democratic voters

Lincoln Project Appears To Have Helped Iranian Disinformation Effort Go Viral

FBI: Lincoln Project Never Trumpers Peddled Iranian Disinformation Meant To Help Biden 

 'Disgraceful!' Lincoln Project REALLY steps in it, literally peddles Iranian disinformation to hurt Trump and intimidate voters

 Police INTERROGATED French Schoolteacher 4 Days Before His Beheading Because of Complaint by a Muslim Father Who Incited The Gruesome Murder

 Dem Legislator Arrested in Sting Op for Attempting to Trade Drugs for Sex

 Man found guilty of sharing terrorist material online

'I think he's racist against lazy people': Trump fans give honest answers, CNN's Cuomo puts them down for it 

 Rachel Maddow and a host of other liberals spread fake news about fabricated texts between Rudy Giuliani and Ivanka Trump

 WATCH: OutKick's Jason Whitlock Interviews President Trump

Panel Transcript: Trump vs. Biden on Immigration 

 Panel Video: Trump vs. Biden on Immigration

 Bloomberg Complex: Insecure Joe Biden Exaggerates Height in Run-Up to Debate Showdown With Trump

 Noah: The Trump Campaign 'Is Almost Broke Which Is Really Surprising for a Trump Enterprise'

 Final debate offers Trump a late chance to reshape presidential race

 Pollster: 'Hidden Voters' Not Reflected in Polls Will Secure Trump Re-Election

 Media Accuses Trump Of Walking Off '60 Minutes' Set, Meadows Says He Can Prove Otherwise

 The Trump Administration's Student Visa Policy Could Hurt U.S. Competitiveness

 Donald Trump Promised to Roll Back Obama's Policies. Was He Successful?

 'Time To Mute The President': Former Twitter and Google Executive Calls For Trump To Be Banned From Social Media Until After The Election

 Ann Coulter: Trump NEEDS To Talk Immigration, It's What Won For Him Last Time!

 EDITORIAL: Anti-Trump GOP operatives are OK with Democrats' far-left agenda

 The diabolical ironclad beetle is practically indestructible. Now scientists know why - CNET

 Pentagon To Move Its Biometrics Data To Amazon Cloud Services (AWS)

 Twitter allows Borat prank on Giuliani to trend, censors HunterGate

Parent exchanged messages with Samuel Paty's killer before attack 

 Media Blackout: Violent Antifa Attack Sends Pro-Trump Latinos to ER (watch)

 South Korea Acquires Fully Weaponized Attack Drones

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 Is Schumer about to throw Feinstein under the bus after Barrett hearing?

 TikTok Cracks Down on QAnon and Hate Speech

 Meet the Bidens, the one family who made a fortune in the Obama economy

 Tired, Hungry, and Poor: Everything Antifa Is Not

 Watch LIVE: President Trump's MAGA Rally in North Carolina

 Swiss Evangelical Missionary Executed by Islamic Extremists in Mali After 4 Years in Captivity

Make:cast - Recipes for Organizing a Makerspace 

 Fox reports FBI money laundering probe tied to Hunter laptop

 Fox News: Laptop connected to Hunter Biden was part of FBI money laundering probe in 2019

 (NEW) Senators: Did Secret Service hide documents about Hunter Biden from Congress?

 Tucker Carlson reveals letter from Chris Cuomo's building manager scolding CNN host for refusing to wear amask

Embarrassed Pope Suddenly Realizes He's Been Reading The Bible Upside Down This Whole Time 

Hot Pick Of The Late Night 

 Bombshell Statement: Biden Insider Claims He Was 'Recipient of the Email', Says He Witnessed Joe, Hunter Discussing Deals

Londoners could face £27.50 daily congestion charge under Government bailout of TfL 

 Police will review investigation as father-of-three who was left disabled by football thugs dies

 Dem Rep Refuses to Support Court-Packing: 'I'm a Traditionalist'

 Home Depot Co-Founder: Joe Biden's Tax Plan Will Put The Middle Class In Peril (VIDEO)

 UPDATE: Former Hunter Biden Associate in Fear for His Life - Bevan Cooney Moved to More Dangerous Facility After Leaking Emails to Conservative Journalists

 Kansas University Student Reportedly Placed On Probation By Sorority Over Conservative Social Media Posts

 District Of Columbia Police Department Refuses To Say How They Are Preparing For Potential Protests Around Election Day

 Fort Bragg Deletes Twitter Account After Commenting On Nude Model's Pubic Hair

 What Kenosha Looks Like After Riots and Looting