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Eastern Standard Time

VA GOP Wants Hearings On Sexual Assault Allegations, Dems Call It 'Games' 

Embattled Brazil justice minister decries leaked texts in corruption probe 

When it comes to North Korean nukes, Xi wants US and Japan to know that China still wields immense power 

Harley Davidson Partners With Local Firm To Build New Bikes In China 

Cotton, Schumer Tackle Fentanyl Legislation To Target Chinese Manufacturers

Trump EPA Replaces Obama's Anti-Coal Clean Power Plan 

BP urges EPA to work with automakers to improve vehicle fuel efficiency 

Delving Into Rep. Eric Swalwell's Gun Control Proposal

Sanctuary city Seattle: Illegal immigrant rapes wheelchair-bound woman, serves 1 day after sentencing, locates his disabled victim and brutally assaults her AGAIN

New York Law Gives Illegals 'Ability to Vote' After Obtaining Driver's License

Trump In Orlando: Democrats, If Elected, Will Flood The Country With Illegals To Expand Their Political Base 

Report: Tucker Carlson Privately Advising Trump Against War With Iran 

U.S. Navy: Mine Fragments Point To Iran In Oil Tanker Attacks 

Experts: Mines used against oil tankers sure do have 'striking resemblance' to Iranian weapons 

Breaking: Syrian refugee arrested for alleged ISIS terror plot to attack Christian church in Pittsburgh 

FBI: Syrian Refugee Who Pledged Allegiance to ISIS Arrested for Pittsburgh Church Bomb Plot 

Syrian Refugee Arrested In Plot To Blow Up Pittsburgh Church In the Name Of ISIS 

 Iraqis Remember ISIS Massacres Five Years Later

 Russia hits out at 'groundless' murder charges over MH17 downing

Study: The US Is No Longer The Top Destination For Refugees 

UK to Resettle 'Thousands' More Refugees From Middle East & Africa to 'Transform Communities' 

 A miniature robot that could check colons for early signs of disease

 Dishwashers: Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

 Jury Finds Leader Of Sex Cult Involving 'Smallville' Star Guilty Of All Charges

 McConnell Vows to Uphold His Role as 'Grim Reaper' of Democrat Socialist Agenda

 Iran: New Terrorist Activity in Europe

Time to Indict McCabe, Not Impeach Trump 

 BOOM: Trump Raises $24.8 Million for Reelection Bid in Less Than 24 Hours

 Ivy League prof: Trump immigration comments a 'terroristic act'

 President Trump Holds MASSIVE Rally in Orlando, FL: 2020 Campaign Launch

 Millions Of Americans Donate To POTUS Trump Re-Election Campaign - Shatter Records

 Gutfeld: Trump 'confounds the media' because his platforms are collectively centrist, not extreme

 Is the U.S. Ambassador to Greece Faithfully Conveying Trump Administration Policy?

 Univision Celebrates Rip-Off Artists Who Used Fake IDs to Work at Trump Golf Club

 Death Threats Against Page And The Dangerous Disinformation Operation Against Trump

Paula White's Prayer for President Trump 

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 Florida Poll Shows Trump Losing by 9 in 2020 ? Here's How Far off Their Polling Was in 2018

 WATCH: Trump spiritual adviser: 'Demonic' networks out to get the president

 PITTSBURGH: Muslim Refugee Arrested For Planning Terror Attack on Christian Church

 Hannity to 'little fake news Jim Acosta': 'Stop begging' to be on my show. 'You have not earned' it

 A Look at the Regional Threats Facing Israel

 In New Bill, Sen. Josh Hawley Warns Big Tech: Stop Political Censorship Or Lose Your Precious Legal Immunity

 Angry Mob Cut Off Pedophile's Genitals After Catching Him Raping Girl

Joe Biden brags about past 'civility' with racist former Dem senators-now his 2020 opponents are on the attack 

 'Syrian Refugee' Admitted to US Under Obama Arrested on Terrorism Charges After Planning Attack on Christian Church in Pittsburgh

 Syrian refugee arrested for plot to bomb Pittsburgh church

 'HE'S VERY CONCERNED': Valerie Jarrett expects Obama to play in 2020 election

 Jesse Watters: Impeachment Is A 'Self- Perpetuating' News Cycle

 Princeton Professor Declares Trump's Deportation Plan 'Terrorism'

Biden Praises 'Civility' of Two Arch Segregationists 

 Fed sees case building for interest rate cuts this year

 Tory leadership: Imam who attacked Boris Johnson is SUSPENDED by his school

 'She could've been killed!' Sister blasts royal convoy for 'driving too fast'

 Protecting Abortion Survivors


 IAAF Finally Admits Women's Champion Caster Semenya Is Biologically Male and Has to Lower Her Testosterone

 Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Three Miscarriages And How It Effected Her Relationship With God

 Ocasio-Cortez Discovers More Exciting Household Objects

 Regulatory Red Tape Risks Strangling DC Opportunity Scholarship Program

 I'm an Oberlin Graduate. They Had It Coming.

 ESPN is done giving airtime to LaVar Ball