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Cedric Richmond (D) Compares Banning Assault Weapons to Banning Plastic Straws

America Can Stop China from Dominating Artificial Intelligence--And Should

Beto's New Gun Control Plan: An Unserious Answer To A Serious Problem

Montana's Steve Bullock is the 'Reasonable' 2020 Democrat Candidate on Gun Control 

Memphis store clerk who fatally shot teen over theft of $2 beer found guilty of murder

VIDEOS show Antifa attacking bus, cornering right-wing protesters as Portland rally turns violent 

Hong Kong police rush protesters after brief stand-off

Watch As Antifa Protesters Attack Man With Hammer

It Took A Billionaire Pedophile To Die In Jail For Media To Finally Report On Elite Child Sex Trafficking 

The Congressional Black Caucus Should Thank Donald Trump 

Rashida Tlaib's grandmother tells media she wants God to 'ruin' President Trump 

Scaramucci talking to Bill Kristol about how to get Trump off the ticket next year 

How Trump Put Netanyahu in an Untenable Position 

CNN Reporter Confronts 'White Supremacist' Trump Supporter, Finds He's Hispanic 

Ocasio Cortez Says Trump Supporters Are Too Stupid To Know They Are Racist

POTUS Trump to donate second-quarter salary to U.S. Surgeon General's office to help combat opioid epidemic

Poll: Half of Hispanic Americans Approve of Trump Following ICE Raids

 NYT crisis town hall turns into leftist meltdown: 'Pretty much everything is racist'

 The Ultimate Leftist Hypocrite

 REPORT: Democrats Omar and Tlaib Partnered with Vicious Anti-Semites to Plan Trip to Israel

 Political fallout from diplomatic dustup over progressive 'Squad' members confrontation with Israel

 Sanders: If Israel Doesn't Want Members of Congress Visiting, 'Maybe They Don't Want American Money'

 Student Group Flags Top 5 Instances of Campus Censorship of Conservatives

 Report: Portland Antifa Planning to Dress Up in MAGA Gear, Attack People

World War II bomb found beneath the Kremlin 

Report: Obama tried to talk Biden out of running for president in 2020 

 Cartoon: The Boycott Wars

 U.S. Sanctions Backfire, Lead To Boost In Russian Oil Exports

 Dozens feared dead in explosion at Afghan wedding hall

 'Anarchy and Chaos': Violent Antifa Protests Break Out in Portland

 Andy Ngo Reveals The Truth About ANTIFA

 'We Wanted National Attention': Proud Boys Declare PR Victory After Clashing With Antifa During Portland Rally

Portland: Proud Boys vs Antifa ends early without serious violence (Update) 

 Proud Boys Statement: Patriots Promise to Revisit Portland If Mayor Wheeler Continues to Ignore Antifa Terrorists

 Antifail: Antifa protester loses fight with bus (plus bonus GIF!); Another tries really hard to tear up a MAGA hat

 President Trump: Major Consideration Given to Declaring Antifa 'ORGANIZATION OF TERROR'

 How Stephen Miller Rode an Anti-Immigration Wave to the White House

 Sneaky Kavanaugh impeachment plan REVEALED

 The U.S. Plans To Send Nuclear Reactors To Space

 Guardian Trots Out 8-Year-Old Big Lie to Defame Geller, Spencer, and Other Foes of Jihad Terror

 Big MSNBC Mouth: Border Enforcement's a 'White Supremacist Domestic Terror Campaign'

They Did Not Make Mistakes, They Committed Crimes. 

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Another Gaffe: Joe Biden Mixes Up Iowa and Vermont at First Event After Lengthy Rest 

 Michael Moore: Let's Hope 'The Squad' Is the Face of the Democratic Party 'Because That's How We're Going to Win'

 Argentina Treasury minister resigns, says 'significant renewal' needed amid economic crisis

 Police make arrests as right-wing, anti-fascist groups rally in Portland

 Greta Thunberg's Atlantic trip in 'zero-carbon yacht' may generate more emissions than it saves

 Malaysian search team expert claims it is 'impossible' Nora Quoirin reached the waterfall herself

 Second Amendment Lawsuit Challenging California 'Assault Weapon' Ban Filed in San Diego Federal Court

 For Every Promise - There is a Price to Pay

 So why'd you turn down Israel's offer to let you in the country

 Police Declare 'CIVIL DISTURBANCE' As Brawl Breaks Out At Portland Protest

 Proposed California Curriculum Riddled With Anti-Police Rhetoric, Anti-Israel Bias

 'The Righteous Gemstones' With Danny McBride Starts Sunday Night On HBO

 Trump Court Nominee Rebuts Rachel Maddow's 'Racial Purity' Charge

 Everything points to Reds' surprise phenom being for real

 No charges for Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott in Vegas incident

 Washington Post Features Kentucky Man's Anti-McConnell Book ? In Sports Section

 Deputies investigating fatal shooting in Largo

 Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick receives stent after heart blockage

Epstein's lawyers unsatisfied with suicide ruling, promise own independent probe 

'We are moving into a new, controlled society worse than old totalitarianism' - Zizek on Google leak 

 WATCH! Pamela Geller Speaks to New York Republicans Club, Hamas-CAIR's Epic FAIL

 Katy Perry Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Male Co Star

 Elon Musk Wants to Nuke Mars to Trigger Global Warming