Retired Army Col.: Buy Guns Because One Day Angry Liberals Will Be in Power Again

 Lawsuit accuses TAMU of anti-male bias in sexual assault case

Short-sellers sense an opportunity as China trade tensions brew 

 U.S. Lawmakers Press Facebook Over Chinese Data Sharing

'Foreign Actors' Accessed Hillary Clinton Emails, Documents Show 

Democrat Leaders Taking Orders From George Soros On 'Children In Cages' Hoax - Mass Protests Planned 

 PA House Starts Movement On Gun Control Bill

Trump considering executive action today to keep illegal immigrant families together 

FBI Won't Reveal Extent of Illegal 'Geek Squad' Spying 

WATCH: Trump Trolls Democratic Leaders Over Illegal Immigration In Epic Video 

 Obama Kept Illegal Border Kids in Foil in Cages

 Here's what Mitch McConnell and Senate GOP want to do about immigrant family separations

 Feds may have flown immigrant kids to Miami. The airlines' message: stop using our planes.

 Celebs, Media Bash Pro-Lifers Not Being 'Pro-Life' for Immigrant Kids

 Government-funded treatment center forcibly injected immigrant kids with drugs: legal filings

Mexico Calls for the U.S. to End Separation of Migrant Families 

United Airlines and American Airlines Will Not Transport Migrant Children 

 On Mexico’s Migrant Trail: Confusion and Tough Choices

 ABC Forced To Apologize For Reporting Paul Manfort Copped To Mass Murder

Migrant accused of teen's murder boasted about everything being free 

 Tours, France: Knife-wielding Muslim terrorist threatens to murder passersby while shouting 'allahu akbar'

Baltimore finally asks the feds to help them with their murder problem 

Circle closed: Merkel, Macron want EU border states to deal with refugees after quota system failure 

 Sleazy Sex Games and Dirty Politics in the Southern Baptist Convention

Returning to 'Abstinence' Sex Education in Schools Is Critical 

 Man threatening to kill Trump on the loose. . . armed and dangerous

 Donald Trump Signs Executive Order to Stop Separating Families

 Exclusive - Kellyanne Conway: Trump Has Not Clarified Stance on GOP Immigration Bills Yet 'for a Reason'

 Melania Trump Reports Actor Peter Fonda to Secret Service Over Threat to Kidnap Barron

 Jury in county voting 79% for Hillary acquits Antifa agitators of beating Trump supporter - despite several witnesses

 EPIC! President Trump Trolls Hillary, Schumer and Dems After Signing Executive Order to Keep Families Together at Border (VIDEO)

 'Troll level: GRAND MASTER'! Donald Trump wastes NO TIME rubbing his EO in Dems' faces [video]

 Right on cue: New York Times says Trump likely to face immediate legal challenge over EO

Why Can't We Sue the TSA For Assault? 

 Julian Assange and the Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty Case

 ABC Runs Massive Fake News on Manafort, Accuses Him of Killing 5

 USA tramples on human rights to protect Israel

Hungary Restricts Immigration Amid Feud With Soros 

 Puh-LEEZE! Chuck Schumer takes a swipe at Trump's border EO with a self-unawareness WHOPPER for the ages

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 Illegal Alien Parents Are Responsible For Their Children's Fate

 President Plans an Executive Order to Keep Families Together at Border

 The Time I Got Punished for Hate Speech

 New $71.3 billion Disney bid for Fox tops Comcast's

 David Gregory: By Reopening Investigation, FBI Director 'Allowed Himself to be Injected' Into Campaign

 Did FBI Officials Tamper With Documents, Withhold Information and Fail to Collect Evidence That Might Incriminate Hillary?

 Truth About Agent Strzok, The FBI and Hillary in One Brutal Cartoon

 Melania forced to call Secret Service after famous actor threatens to kidnap Barron, 'cage him with pedophiles'

Melania Calls Secret Service On Peter Fonda After Pedo Rape-Cage Tweet 

Illegal Aliens Should Not Have More Rights Than American Citizens... 

 Trump's Migration E.O: Prosecute Migrants and Challenge 'Flores' Loophole

 Disney hikes bid for Fox assets to $71.3 billion, tops Comcast

 U.S. lawmakers want Google to reconsider links to China's Huawei

DHS writing an order to end child separations at the border 

 Families fury at 650 early deaths at 'Dr Opiate' Gosport hospital

 New Utah State University Study helps cities budget for Water Main Breaks

 Nikki Haley explains exactly why the U.S. ditched the UN 'Human Rights Council'

 Robot bloodhound tracks odors on the ground

 Microbial proteins could supplement animal feed, reduce land use and pollution

Crooked Hillary Begs For Money to Fight 'Trump's Cruel Immigration Policy' 

 South Carolina City Formally Apologizes For Slavery

 Abortion Groups Seek To Knock Down Virginia Restrictions With Lawsuit

 Amy Adams Reveals Her #MeToo Moment And How It Changed Her Career