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Someone in Texas downed tequila on a future Air Force One aircraft

WTH Is This? Tucker Carlson Reveals 'Satanism' Powerpoint Slide Presented To Army To Promote Vaccination

Eric Schmidt Cashes in on Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

Biden's Benghazi

Are the US and China Stumbling Toward an 'Islands War'?

WAR CRIME: Fauci Busted in Big China Coverup: Funded 60 Projects At The Wuhan Institute Of Virology

Team Biden clueless on China

Vermont AFL-CIO Says No To Gun Control

Mom-daughter duo face murder charges after illegal Brazilian 'butt lift' goes awry, police suspect more victims

Del Rio Illegal Immigrants Revolt Against US Agents in Bus Takeover

DHS chief can't even give 'ballpark' estimate on illegal immigration numbers

Biden's America: Illegal Immigrants Being Handed Cash as US Deports Them Back Home

Youngkin backs right-to-work as McAuliffe opposes it

Is the Biden Administration Trying to Murder Its Opponents?

Why Arabs No Longer Trust the Muslim Brotherhood

Biden Hopes to Welcome 125,000 Refugees Next Fiscal Year

Despite Democrats' warnings not to criticize AOC, likely future mayor of NYC goes after socialist lawmaker and her 'Tax the Rich' dress

Why the Taliban Will Struggle to Rule Afghanistan

(READ) Trump statement on politically-correct sports team names

Canadian Uprising: Thousands Fight Trudeau's Covid Tyranny - 'Stand Strong and Do Not Comply!' (Exclusive Videos)

The U.S. Navy Doesn't Have Enough Ships to Protect Convoys

'Legislative terrorists': Far-left Democrats push Pelosi to strip Israel aid from funding bill

Pfizer Admits: Israel Is Massive Experiment For mRNA Gene Therapy Shots

Joe Biden Boasts to United Nations He Restored Commitment to World Health Organization

In U.N. Debut, Biden Confronts Doubts About U.S. Global Leadership

"We Hit Headwinds" - Disney Shares Tumble After CEO Says Subscriber Growth Slowed

Portland Quietly Walks Back Boycott Of Texas Over Pro-Life Law

Blue Civil War? BLM Slams NYC Vaccine Requirement for Restaurants, Unleashes Mass Protests

Gambia refuses to take back deported migrants

Mark Milley: Deep State Poster Boy

Has the Deep State Already Broken Us?

Alleged professor denies slinging slurs, spitting on black child in altercation outside Chicago-area grocer

Dallas History Professor Triggers Academic Freedom Fight Over Reference To 'China Virus'

Woman found dead in Greenwich named as Sabina Nessa a 28 year old teacher

More FBI Shenanigans....

What If the FBI Threw an Insurrection and Nobody Came?

One cop killed every 5 days in 2021, says FBI Director Wray

Sen. Rand Paul grills FBI Director Wray over botched Russia investigation

Stunning AND brave: CNN brags about their commitment to building an inclusive culture, trips SPECTACULARLY over its own evening lineup

Texas Dem Rep. Henry Cuellar rejects CNN host's bogus 'whip' narrative - and defends Border Patrol agents doing their jobs [video]

Joe Biden Signals Willingness to Work with China, Promises No Cold War

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Nolte: Biden Average Disapproval Rating Soars to Record 50%

Book: Hunter Biden's Laptop Material Is Genuine

Harry Dunn's family and Anne Sacoolas, 44, reach a 'resolution' in civil claim for damages

Molten lava from Las Palmas volcanic eruption is due to reach the ocean TODAY

Republicans Make Last-Ditch Effort To Halt Female Draft

'What in the World is Going On?' - A Conversation with SoCal Pastor on Current Events and Comforting Words of Encouragement (AUDIO)

Pelosi Says 150,000 Americans Have Received Covid Vaccine - Then Breaks Her Own Mask Mandate (VIDEO)

Rep. McCarthy: 'Dems Capitulate To The Antisemitic Influence Of Their Radical Members' By Trying To Pull Funding For Iron Dome

Biden's Former Border Patrol Chief Warns Of 'National Security Threat' Brought On By Immigration Policy

Deion Sanders Claims He's Not Interested In Coaching At USC

Careful CNN, Your Bias Is Showing

'Little House on the Prairie' star had no idea he was a teen idol

Salesforce broadens Slack integrations across Customer360 apps

Ruby on Rails 7 overhauls JavaScript support

Un-model Citizens: Supermodel Doutzen Kroes Trashes Vax Mandates, Gisele Bundchen Defends Her

USA Today's Armour: Women's Sports Depend on Abortion

007 Is Not a Chick: Daniel Craig Leaves Wokesters Shaken AND Stirred

Senate Parliamentarian Rules Against Budget Reconciliation Amnesty

University Says 'Action Could Be Taken' Against Students If 'Misgendering' or 'Pronoun Misuse' Complaints Are Filed

4 Takeaways From Biden's First UN Speech

As Secularism in America Has Increased, Freedom Has Decreased

Hair Model Career Awaits South Carolina Man Locked Up On Felony Charges

20-year-old German gas station worker shot and killed by anti-masker

Teen wounded in shootout with Orlando officers near Camping World Stadium, police say

DeSantis' new surgeon general questions masks, vaccines, other COVID-19 measures

Christesen's Western Wear to close after 92 years in Pleasanton