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When a US State Outsources Mental Health to China

Kevin Spacey Says He Has Flown with the Clinton Foundation in Jeffrey Epstein's Plane

Fed Watch Live Blog: Breaking Down Today's Federal Reserve Meeting - CNET

Both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes - UN

Israel and Hamas on UN's violence against children list

No Respect for the Rule of Law: Biden's March-In 'Rights' Are Another Illegal Government Steal

Financial Impact of Illegal Immigrants on Nation's Public Education System 'Staggering'

World Plays 'Pretend' as Iran Burns Down Middle East

8 suspects with alleged ties to ISIS arrested in NYC, Philly, LA

8 suspected terrorists with ISIS ties arrested in sting operation. Yes, all of them crossed our southern border.

Fox Corporation Board Member Paul Ryan: Trump 'Unfit for Office'

Democrat Challenger To Elise Stefanik Calls For 'Re-Education Camps' For Trump Voters

Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Still Above The Law As Cover For Democrats' Never-Ending Trump Persecution

Fani Willis notches legal win in Trump case after months of setbacks

Manufacturing Simulacrum: Technocratic Tyranny Behind A Medical Mask

Repulsive NY Times Turns Triumphant Hostage Rescue Into 'Deadly Israeli Operation'

Biden pushed to revoke Al Jazeera credentials after Israeli hostage reportedly found in journalist's home

Michael Stürzenberger Speaks Out: Exclusive Interview from Hospital Bed Following Islamic Terror Attack in Germany (Video)

What America Can Learn From Israel on the Battlefield

Databricks races with Snowflake to open up data catalog source code

Widow Flees After Mob Beats Her and Brutally Murders Husband, Vows to Keep Serving Jesus

House Democrats Create Task Force to Attack Conservative Plan to Defang Deep State

GOP Challenges Biden's Executive Order to Funnel Taxpayer Money to Election Efforts That Favor Democrats

US Prepares To Expand Secondary Sanctions On Russia

Revealed: Patagonia and Its Tie to a Group Connected to Palestinian Terrorism

No Correction from AP on Unfounded News of Human Death from Bird Flu

Update: Six Suspected Russian Terrorists Turn into Eight From Tajikistan

Dramatic moment pro-Putin TV crew are sent flying by motion-detecting MINE dropped by drone over Russian border

Russian Warships and a Nuclear Missile Submarine are In America's Backyard

WATCH: Even CNN Warns Biden Has Let Bloody 'Tren de Aragua' Gang Into America.

Morris: Hunter Biden Gun Trial Verdict Will Be Used as Distraction from Biden Corruption

Poll: Only 19% of Joe Biden Voters Say Society Benefits from Marriage, Having Children

Republican Scores Key Special Election Victory, Boosting GOP's House Majority

Golf Star Rory McIlroy Resolves Marriage Problems with Wife Before US Open - 'A New Beginning'

Rory McIlroy calls OFF divorce from wife of seven years Erica Stoll in shocking U-turn - saying: 'Our best future is as a family together... we have resolved our differences and look forward to a new beginning'

Rachel Reeves ridiculed for publishing 'dodgy dossier' - that claimed Tory tax cuts were 'unfunded' - twice after 'embarrassing' document had pluses and minuses mixed up

White House 'Equity' Requirements Holding Back EV Charging Station Construction, Internal Docs Show

Construction Mishap Reportedly Causing U.S. Open Grandstand Seats To Collapse

REPORT: Idaho Man Slays Grizzly Bear To Protect Girlfriend

Local Govt's New Plan To Cull The Social Worker Population

'This Isn't A Normal Situation': Ex-Federal Prosecutor Blows Up Narrative Hunter Biden Shouldn't Have Been Charged

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HUH? CBS Host Margaret Brennan Flummoxed at Public Support for Mass Deportations

In Honor of David North

Why Hunter Biden Case Smells Strongly of 'Corruption'

15 Things I Saw at the 2024 DC Pride Parade

Russian warships and aircraft enter the Caribbean for military exercises

Earth is suddenly slowing down, making the days longer

'Highest concentrations we've ever measured': COVID is teeming in SF wastewater

Musk drops case against OpenAI - reports

Africa's oldest liberation movement must choose left or right

Republicans hail Hunter Biden trial verdict as 'step toward accountability' - call for 'Big Guy' to be next

Judicial Watch Statement on the Hunter Biden Verdict

Democrat Party Chair, Four Democrat Officials Arrested For Mail-In Ballot Fraud

WATCH: Jewish Neighborhood Stormed by Pro-Hamas Terrorists in Toronto

New York Will No Longer Require Regents Exams for High School Diploma

Buyers Snap Up Aging and Empty Office Buildings for Deep Discounts

School used $10,000 grant to hand out 'chest binders,' fill library with LGBT books

WATCH: 'I'm not 100%, I'm on my way': Oprah Winfrey suffers stomach virus

Don't Overrely on National Presidential Polls

Good and Evil

Life without Free Will

Bag to the Future: Sew a Trendy Messenger Bag With Light-Up LED Animations