Human rights activist Nadia Murad writing memoir

EXCLUSIVE: First Liberty Institute Seeks Justice for Air Force Colonel Targeted for His Faith 

 Duterte to US: Why didn't you send armada vs China islands?

 Bitter Hillary Clinton slams men throughout women's conference speech

 Courthouses Are Safe Spaces for Illegal Alien Felons, ICE Are 'Stalkers' Says CA Chief Justice

 CRIMINAL: Democrat Rep Just Did The UNTHINKABLE for Illegals

ISIS threatens Iran for tolerating Jews 

 Domino's will begin using robots to deliver pizzas in Europe

 Islamic State shells at Syria dam, forcing engineers to halt work

 Swedish Prosecutor Accuses Syrian Man of Alleged Terror Attack on Muslim Center

 Expulsion of Islamic terrorist delayed by courts

I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations 

President Trump won't throw first pitch at Nationals baseball opener, knee-jerk libs get burned again 

 U.S. pastor jailed in Turkey begs Trump for help

Hero PC Keith Palmer died from stab wounds to the chest as inquest hears catalogue of horrific injuries that killed four victims of London terror attack 

 UN: Malaria outbreak kills over 4,000 in Burundi this year

 Brilliant Meme Reveals Where All Leftist Roads REALLY Lead

 Malkin: Benjamin Crump: TV's Rising Fake News Star

'Bible, not Google' gives Israel right to land - minister 

 Unprofessional Reporter at White House Wins Praise From Hillary, Liberals

 Kushner, Taking New White House Role, Faces Rare Scrutiny

 USF campus creeper: Man caught on cafeteria camera exposing self during dinner

 Genocidal professor to students: 'Make it impossible' for conservative to speak on campus

 Now Father of Rockville Rape Suspect is Arrested for Being in US Illegally

Tesla's new investor may open the door to China 

Brutal Cartoon Reveals Exactly What We're Up Against with ISIS 

 Boyfriend in murder for hire plot wants bail after suicide of veterinarian

 NBC to Broadcast 2018 Olympics Live in All Time Zones

 'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat' Report Specifies Locations Of Foreign Military Bases In Syria, Says Syria Is Turning Into Brittle Federation That Can Fall Apart At Any Moment

 BREAKING: Trump Demands Investigation of Clintons' Russia Ties

 Leftists Plan March on Washington to Demand Trump Tax Returns

 'Fight for Me': American Pastor Reportedly Detained in Turkey on Bogus Terror Charges Pleads With Trump

 If Ivanka Trump Were A Democrat, She'd Be A Feminist Hero

 Fallon: Trump Plans to Hunt bin Laden and Sleep with an Intern to Boost Ratings

 White House Staff to Boycott Correspondents Dinner in 'Solidarity' With President Trump

Free Speech Under Attack 

 No, the House Freedom Caucus isn't a bunch of purists

 Former Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest Joins NBC News, MSNBC as Political Analyst

 Springfield College Tries To Oust Professor For Teaching 'Men In Literature'

 Records Show Army Paid for Transgender DOD Official to Speak at West Point Trans Event

 [VIDEO] Ramos Complains That The 'Trump Effect' Is Scaring Illegal Immigrants From Entering The US

 Mass. State Rep Michelle DuBois Tips Off Illegals to ICE Raids

Russian, Iranian Leaders Tout Stronger Ties 

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 Will ANYONE be attending media Correspondent's Dinner? Staff to skip event in 'solidarity' with Trump

 Colbert: Trump Just Surrendered the Coast of Florida to the Ocean

 Illegal Alien Kills Three In Alcohol-Fueled Crash

 Liberal White House reporter April Ryan gets 'Spiced' not once, but twice, and it was glorious

 A California college student is suing after his campus prevented him from handing out pocket Constitutions

 Tucker Carlson Destroys Liberal Law Professor Who Supports Sanctuary Cities (VIDEO)

 How China Accidentally Turned THAAD into a Political Weapon

Liberals Demand Trump EPA Chief 'Sit Down' with Bill Nye 

 20 held after raid on illegal casino in Yau Ma Tei

Focus on Border Wall as Visa Overstays Create Illegal Immigrant Crisis 

Feminists Silent on Illegal Alien Violence Against Women 

 Alliance with Syria tightens Russia's ties with Iran

London Attack Spotlights ISIS Use of Vehicle Ramming 

 Domino's and Starship Technologies will deliver pizza by robot in Europe this summer

 Adam Schiff Is a Traitor to Humanity

 House Dem makes SHAMEFUL Trump threat: 'I'm out to...'

 POTUS Trump Disgusted By Congressional Leadership Team (UPDATE)

 Maxine Waters questions patriotism of Trump supporters from House floor

 Ford Announces Expansion Of Three Michigan Plants, Trump Tweets 'JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!'

 Exclusive: Malaysia inspects North Korean coal ship for possible U.N. sanctions breach

 White Liberals Attack Brown Islamic Dissidents

 In Spite Of Liberals Boycott Ivanka Is Seeing Record Sales Figures For Her Brand

 Arab summit to endorse Palestinian positions with eye on US