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Watchdog sues for Air Force Academy Critical Race Theory records

Don't be gaslit by the left: Hurricane Ian is not an indicator of the apocalypse

U.S. Army Falls 25% Short of Recruiting Goal Despite Offering Free Sex Changes

Bolsonaro, Lula appear headed for runoff in historic Brazil election

Da Silva and Bolsonaro to face each other in run-off Brazil election

Rural love story hit movie 'Return to Dust' banned in China ahead of party congress

Get Ready for 2024 - Former Clinton Adviser Noticed Suspicious Patterns in Hillary's Latest Comments

CBS's Brennan Gaslights Scott, Lies Harris Didn't Advocate Hurricane Equity

Top Iran official urges security forces to deal with protesters harshly as videos show people running while gunshots fire

The Story Behind DeSantis's Migrant Flights to Martha's Vineyard

'House of the Dragon': Daemon and Rhaenyra's First Sex Scene is About Way More Than Just Incest

Republicans, pro-lifers victimized by political violence since Biden called Trump supporters 'threat' to U.S.

Crowd Cheers 'Lock her up!' As MI SOS Candidate Kristina Karamo DESTROYS Soros-Funded Jocelyn Benson In Blistering Speech At Trump Rally in MI [VIDEO]

In Michigan, Trump Defends Jan 6ers, Hits LEGAL Chain Migration And Visa Lottery

Remember: Leftist Media Polls Are Often Wrong

After Leftist Threats, a Leak, and an Assassin, Will the Supreme Court Have the Guts to Follow the Constitution?

Fox News highlights Fetterman's attack on NRA members: "lunatic fringe"

Will the Call for a Judicial Boycott Change Yale? Don't Bet on it

Political violence targeting conservatives comes on heels of Biden deeming MAGA Republicans a 'threat'

Kristina Karamo: MAGA Movement 'Will Unite Americans Across All Different Demographics'

Queens residents say 'enough' after FDNY vet stabbed to death, want to 'defund the politicians'

Day Two CPAC Australia: Zuby, Alan Jones, and Climate Hysteria

9/11 memorial vandalized on campus for second year in a row

NJ woman arrested for helping Russian billionaire circumvent US sanctions, have baby on American soil

Ukraine claims control of Russian logistics hub, seeks to cut more supply lines

Eni Sounds The Alarm Over Further Russian Gas Disruptions

Federal Judge Rules Against Stacey Abrams-Backed Group, Upholds 2018 Georgia Voting Law

Democrat Lawmaker Calls for 'New Leaders' Within Own Party After Stock Trade Ban Vote Stalls

Report: Historical Levels of Fraud - How $600B Was Snatched from American Pockets in Almost 3 Years

Senator's Campaign Ad Takes It to Cop-Haters: 'The Next Time You Get in Trouble, Call a Crackhead'

The Beckhams beamed for their public family reunion. So is this REALLY the end of the rift?

Harry and Sandra Redknapp heartbreakingly reveal they suffered a miscarriage over 50 years ago

The Case for Continuity

One Year Ago Today, the Greatest Chant Was Captured on Live TV - And 'LET'S GO BRANDON!' Was Born (VIDEO)

Democrats Who Want To Ban Corporate PACs Took Donations From PACs Bankrolled By Major Corporations

Miami Heat Star Tyler Herro Signs Huge Contract Extension, And He's Unlikely To Disappoint

'Showing Their True Self': Biden Admin Empowers Teachers Unions To Push Gender Ideology And Critical Race Theory

Democrats Allegedly Wouldn't Look Fox News' Bill Melugin In The Eye When Pushed On Border Crisis

UK scraps tax cut for wealthy that sparked market turmoil

Meloni Baloney From the Left

NY Times vs. Science: Critic Hess TRIGGERED by Realistic Images of the Fetus

St. Louis Pastor Confronts ProgressiveCulture: 'You're Either Going to Conform or You're Going to Stand Out and Be Controversial'

Kamala Harris Remains True to Doctrine of Unequal Treatment

Vermont High School Under Fire as Girls, Parents Push Back Against Biologically Male Trans Student Using Female Locker Room

Mormon leader, 98, acknowledges aging as he sits at podium during two-day event

Times Top10: Can a global recession be predicted?

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Times Top10: Was Hyderabad 'integrated' or 'liberated'?

OPEC mulls output cut amid slowing global growth - media

Ruble will become official currency in former Ukrainian regions

Taiwan reaches out to India

Golfers Stunned as Black Mambas Battle On the Course

Kris Jenner Claimed She Was There When O.J. Simpson Infamous Gloves Were Bought

Bombshell: Feds Paid Companies to Silence Trump, His Family, and Supporters on Social Media Around 2020 Election

Kate's Body Language 'Screams' Near Meghan, 'Terrified' Around the Duchess of Sussex: Expert

Catholic Friar Hit with Federal Charges Issues Defiant Statement to Judge: 'Woe to Those Who Call Abortion a Right'

How's he doing?

The Weekly Whodunnit

Lincoln Longed for a Dobbs-like Ruling to Correct the Erroneous Dred Scott Decision

Madness Redux

Roy Keane reveals Cristiano Ronaldo had FIVE transfer options this summer as he slams Man Utd for not letting icon leave

NATO Believes Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline Leaks Were Sabotage

That's Interesting, U.S. Conservative Establishment Loves Italy's Meloni. Do Americans Get To Be Nationalist Now?

'House of the Dragon' Episode 7 Ending Explained: Did Daemon and Rhaenyra Kill Laenor?

NASA, SpaceX Look at Sending Crew Dragon to Boost Hubble Telescope's Life - CNET

Watch YouTuber Dream Finally Reveal His Face - CNET

To See How Marxists Plan To Destroy America, Look At Their War On Virginia's History

Understanding the Constitution: The Power to Restrict Immigration

"2023 Will Be Year From Hell" - Martin Armstrong Warns Europe 'Could Suck The Rest Of The World Down The Tubes'

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