The AGM-28 'Hound Dog' Cruise Missile: How the Air Force Planned to Drop a Hydrogen Bomb on Russia

Judicial Watch Uncovers Five More Clinton Emails Containing Classified Material on Her Unsecure, Non-'' Email System 

 Jerry Brown Pardons Illegal Alien Murderer To Keep Him From Being Deported

French immigrant males in vicious cross-border attack on Swiss women 

An Iranian Dream: "Why Can't I Dance?" 

 Texas School District Prepping To Send Teachers To Migrant Shelters

 EVIL: Minnesota Democrats endorse WOMEN BEATER Muslim Brotherhood Democratic Congressman/DNC Chair Keith Ellison (Hakim Muhammad) despite multiple violent abuse charges

 'Far-Right' Swedish Party Poised To Make Historic Dent In Country's Socialist Government

 Merkel and Putin discuss Syria and Ukraine at key meeting

 Attacks Intensify On US & Allied Forces in North Eastern Syria

 Macron and Merkel 'concerned' ahead of battle for Syrian rebel holdout

Afghan Taliban repeats call for direct talks with United States 

Pentagon whistleblower questioned FBI's 'outrageous' contracts with Trump informant, got stripped of his clearance 

Mark Warner Threatens Amendment to 'Block' Trump from Voiding Security Clearances 

 VIDEO: Factory workers talk about how much those Trump 'crumbs' have meant to them

CNN Gives Reagan Daughter Patti Davis Forum to Liken Trump to Hitler 

 Pres. Trump Speaks Out Against Big Tech Censoring Conservatives: 'Cannot Be Allowed to Happen'

 Brennan Called Trump 'Treasonous' But He Didn't Mean 'Treasonous'

 CNN Panel Descends into Mayhem After Liberal Tries to Kick Trump Supporter Off Show

 Attkisson: What Would an 'Insurance Policy' Against Trump Look Like

Black Voter Support For Trump Nearly Doubles To 36%: Rasmussen 

Airport mass shooter Esteban Santiago sentenced to five life terms and 120 years in prison 

 Kofi Annan, Former United Nations Secretary-General, Dies at 80

 Silicon Valley Strikes Back: Facebook Censors PragerU After Google Lawsuit

 US pulls its punch on new Myanmar sanctions

 MAYHEM IN SEATTLE: Police Toss Antifa Around, Make Arrests After They Harass and Threaten Conservative Group in Restaurant (VIDEO)

 Omarosa Acted Dishonorably by Recording Confidential White House Conversations, but Here's the Bigger Problem

 60 former CIA officials sign letter condemning the rescinding of John Brennan's security clearance

 English professor assigns Trump-bashing books as required reading; course syllabus will infuriate you

UK: Another 30 Muslim men charged with rape and trafficking 

 Netflix Cancels Anti-Trump Shock Comic Michelle Wolfe's Series Just Weeks After Its Debut

 At Last, The FBI Fires Strzok

 Important Ruling! FBI Must Reveal Efforts to Verify the Steele Dossier

 Sept. 11 trial judge forbids use of FBI interrogations at Guantanamo

 REPORT: WH Counsel Fully Cooperating With Mueller's Russian Investigation

 Are Environmentalist Stunts Obfuscating A Serious Nuclear Debate?

 WATCH: CNN Analyst Screams 'Get Out' At Republican Strategist, Curses

 TIMELINE: Virginia Democrat Mark Warner Surprise Force Behind Masters of the Universe Crackdown on Speech

 Sharpton: I'm Worried Brennan Revocation Is Move Towards 'An Almost Totalitarian Type of State'

 California's Capital Just Made Police Officer's Jobs Much More Difficult with Major Policy Change

 Bill Maher Asks Brutal Question Cakeshop Critics Can't Answer: 'Is There Only 1 Bakery in Colorado?'

 Venezuelan shopkeepers alarmed by Maduro's latest economic moves

 White House Counsel cooperates with Russia investigation: New York Times

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 State funeral for Genoa bridge collapse disaster

 Bike thief with no helmet flies into oncoming car in Northumberland,

 UK father fighting for life after car smashes him in Las Vegas

 SAF Applauds Thurston County Court Judge for Striking Down Initiative

 Ocean City Officials Strengthen Their Opposition to Proposed Wind Farms

 Proposed Space Force best way to prevent future Star Wars

 WOW! Facebook Sued After Blocking Housing Ads to Blacks and Minorities

 Papadopoulos Did Not Wear A Wire For Mueller, As Pundits Initially Speculated

 4 Key Facts About ICE, and What Could Happen If It's Abolished

 Media Misses: Gov. Cuomo's Un-American Comments Don't Get Enough Attention

 Man shot in face by NYPD cop now conscious, can't speak: mom

 NYPD bans civilians from recording video inside precincts

 White House lawyer cooperated extensively with Mueller team

 Florida election officials seek info as support builds for Nelson's Russian-hack claim

 Do you recognize this thief? Watch her stalk and steal from an elderly woman at Aldi

 Can the police search your phone?

 Ex-MSNBC's Toure: U.S. 'Is a White Supremacist Country'

 Close friend of Aretha Franklin remembers her generosity, life lessons

 Tips flood clergy abuse hotline following damning report on Pennsylvania dioceses

 Woman with 'medical conditions' missing since Tuesday

 After nearly 40 years, Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel hangs up her skis

 Seminole tax collector on Facebook: How do Muslims benefit society? Asking for a friend

 Man uses stolen CHP car to steal bus at Sacramento State

 Utah man continues hunting after mountain lion stalks, attacks him

Mysterious fireball that dazzled Alabama locals solved by NASA (VIDEO) 

Outrage after London police call removal of homeless tents 'clean-up of environmental issue'