Islamic Activist Advocates Using Public Schools to Convert Americans to Islam

Muslim activist groups promote similar views to banned terror group, says report

Hamburg police investigate axe murder of Syrian activist

Identity Politics = White Genocide 

Tom Fitton: Federal Judge Asked if Benghazi Scandal & Clinton Email Scandal are Linked 

VA House Panel Smacks Down Gun Control Bills

About 40% of H-1B Jobs Give Employers a Tidy $40,000/Year Discount

New Bill Would Swell H-2B Program to Over 100,000 Annually

Israeli Forces Obliterate Hezbollah Terror Tunnels into Israel

U.S.-born Iranian TV anchor's arrest confirmed by U.S. court 

Mother of suspected ISIS terrorist loses High Court battle 

Caravan Migrant Group, Headed to U.S., Passes Right Through Open Gates in Mexico

The 10 Best Oral Sex Scenes on Netflix

It's Going Down For Real: The 10 Best Oral Sex Scenes on Netflix

Saved in America: how Mexican-based drug trafficking has led to a horrifying human sex trade in US

Afghan Taliban reject talks with U.S. in Pakistan 

Pelosi accuses Trump of endangering U.S. troops and lawmakers 

'Flat out lie': Firestorm when Pelosi team claims they were set to fly commercial, until Trump ruined that too 

Mueller: BuzzFeed Report Claiming Trump Directed Michael Cohen Testimony 'Not Accurate' 

UChicago promotes prof who blames Trump for white Americans' risk of death 

BREAKING: Mueller's Team Blasts BuzzFeed's Trump 'Bombshell' As 'Not Accurate' 

Swalwell: Trump Is a Russian Agent 'Working on Behalf of the Russians' 

 Mueller contests report Trump told his ex-lawyer to lie

President Trump plans 'major announcement' tomorrow afternoon (Update) 

 President Trump will make 'major announcement' on shutdown, border security

President Trump Releases a Video on the Border Crisis 

PELOSI: Trump is trying to get me killed! 

U.S. special counsel disputes report Trump told lawyer to lie 

 67 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

WATCH: In Video, Trump Gives Support to March for Life Participants 

 Mueller Says Buzzfeed Story On Trump Is A Lie

 Here Comes The National Emergency Trump Says Major Announcement Tomorrow

PELOSI FLIES COMMERCIAL! Speaker Pelosi Spotted at Reagan Airport - Flees DC as Trump Stays at White House 

 DUMPSTER FIRE: Unhinged Buzzfeed Editor Ben Smith Stands By Garbage Moscow Tower Report - Attacks Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

 They love him: POTUS Trump given standing ovation by troops at Pentagon

 WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Blatantly Claims Shutdown Is 'Not About the Border' While Bashing Trump in First Floor Speech

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 Report: Trump Told Cohen To Lie To Congress

 HERE WE GO: President Trump will make a 'major announcement' on Saturday regarding the border and government shutdown

 Trump Allies Celebrate Disintegration of BuzzFeed's Fake News Hit

 BuzzFeed Leads with Fake News 'Collusion' Story Hours After Refuted by Mueller

 Eric Metaxas On Evangelicals, Faith, And Censorship Of Wrong-Think

 Video Shows Naked Man Jump into Shark Tank at Toronto Aquarium

 Death Toll in Nairobi Attack Climbs to 21

 Kenya: Canadian among 6 arrested in deadly Islamic attack on popular upscale hotel in Nairobi, Kenya

 REALLY? Chuck Schumer cites Buzzfeed story as reason Mueller's investigation is 'all the more important'

 Media Play a Role in Making Identity Politics a Cornerstone of Campaigns

 [Horrific] Devastating bomb in Colombia claims 21 lives

 Top Obama Donor Indicted for Raping a Child

 Cartoon: The Left's Hypocrisy on Border Security

CNN And MSNBC Repeatedly Floated Impeachment Over Disputed BuzzFeed Report 

 Arizona troopers rescue children from father after threatening to take them to Mexico

Congressional Black Caucus demands Sheila Jackson Lee step down over intern rape allegations 

 King: Should Pence Family's Christianity Disqualify Them from Secret Service Protection?

 PHOTO OF THE DAY: George W. Bush delivers pizzas to his unpaid Secret Service detail

 This Deadly Russian Rifle Was a Nazi Tank Killer

 Trump, Kim to Hold Second Nuclear Summit in February

Hot Pick Of The Late Night 

 Mainstream Media Desperately Defends Gillette's Terrible Anti-Masculinity Ad

 101-Year-Old Hunting Grandma Drops Two Deer with One Miracle Shot

 Ex-Chicago policeman sentenced to nearly seven years in black teen's death