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Eastern Standard Time

UK 'fully cooperating' with inquiry into murder of Kenyan woman near British army base

CCP to tell world that China is 'standing up' under leader Xi Jinping

Diplomat on Cusp of Exposing China to UN Silenced After Her Microphone Begins Acting Odd

Mercola: Chinese Defector Reveals COVID Origin

US places Russians on 'homeless nationalities' list, diverting immigrant visa seekers to Poland

The Democrats Use Churches to Deliver Votes for McAuliffe

'Let Kyrie play': Protesters breach barriers outside New York arena, demand that Brooklyn Nets reinstate unvaccinated star Irving

Afghan Refugees to Be Resettled Across US, Granted Thousands to Buy Furniture and Silverware

Gay Afghan BURNED by Taliban says international LGBT+ community has 'forgot about us'

Fiona Hill: 'Open civil war' possible if Trump elected in 2024 because Dems will see win as 'illegitimate'

Papa John's Delivery Guy Threatens Man With Violence Over Trump Flag (VIDEO)

De Blasio's bid to rid NYC of Trump name could cost taxpayers over $30M

(READ) Trump on border crisis, Afghanistan, and economy

Dave Chappelle vs the Tyranny of the Gender Agenda

Communist California Is Holding Our Economy Hostage

Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty, Gets Life in Prison for Murdering Four Americans

Youngkin campaign slams Obama over 'false' claim GOP 'systematically preventing' citizens from voting

'Bombshell' NIH letter on bat coronavirus research reveals Fauci's big lie, professor says

Girls With Guns

New Zealand Prime Minister Admits She Wants to Create Two Classes of Citizens Based on Vaccination Status

ADL Warns: Avoid Culturally Insensitive, Gender-conforming Halloween Costumes

Washington Post 'Forced to Admit They Lied' After Pretending 'F*ck Joe Biden' Chant Was 'Let's Go, Brandon'

Instagram algorithms would have shown Molly Russell harmful content before she looked for it

Worshippers at Manchester synagogue sickened as troll hijacks service screaming anti-Semitic abuse

A Matter of Treason

Actress Suffers Stroke Caused by Blood Clot Side-Effect After Taking AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine

The Unconstitutional Federal Vaccine Mandate

Fauci Under Fire For Gain-Of-Function Research, Testing On Dogs

Democratic Fundraising Powerhouse ActBlue Amassed Nearly $150 Million From Small Donors With Misleading Sales Pitch, Documents Show

'Friends' Actor James Michael Tyler Dead At 59

'We're Almost There': Pelosi Says There Will Be A Deal On $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Before Biden Goes To Europe

Florida man arrested after setting fire to Jesus statue, several homes

With 'CBS Evening News' Skidding, the Network Could Give O'Donnell the Boot

SHOCK: Brian Williams Admits Press Are in a Liberal Bubble, Out of Touch

CBS's 'SWAT' Attacks 'Male' Physical Standards for Cops as 'Biased,' Calls Latino a 'Tool'

China's Test of Orbital Hypersonic Missile Is a Big Deal

Don't Let Democrats Turn US Into Europe

Justice Clarence Thomas' Long Career Has Had a Profound Impact on Our Liberty

Inside the Beltway: Democrats try to make a trillion 'sound normal'

'Hundreds' of Americans likely remain in Afghanistan, says former top U.S. diplomat

Body of missing 26-year-old Texas man located in Grand Teton

Authorities investigate death of a child in Titusville on Sunday

Shaquille O'Neal's huge Isleworth mansion finally sells but only for $11 million

Florida Governor DeSantis to offer $5,000 hiring bonus for police who lose jobs on vaccine mandates in other states

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Biden has pledged that 'America is back.' But as peace shatters in the Balkans, does that mean yet more US overseas misadventures?

PURE EVIL: Fauci Under Fire For Puppy Experiments Using Disease-Causing Parasites

October 24th: Biden's America and the Conservative Resistance

How Amazon Mishandled Paying Dozens of Workers on Leave

'Identifiable Harm': Biden Kills JFK File Release, Issues Baffling Statement

Content Warning: VA Schoolbook Is So Vile, It Legally Has to Be Blurred When Shown on Television

Aussie COP26 Net Zero: Junior Coalition Nationals Cave

Conspiracy at the Willard hotel, a fantasy

The Teachers Union's Fumbled Play

Male Pregnancy: The Greatest Miracle of All

Biden Busts Out Some Whopping Personal Lies

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 LIVE: Ugo Monye and Oti Mabuse's elimination shocks fans

Top oil firm boss warns not to 'demonise' industry despite global push to hit climate targets

'God is Helping Us': $2.5M Raised to Build 'Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer' in UK

Texas' John Cornyn Could Become GOP Senate Leader ... And For The Historic American Nation, The Most Dangerous Republican on Capitol Hill.

Ritualistic Humiliation: Black Museum Proposes Melting Charlottesville Robert E. Lee Statue And Creating New, Anti-White Art From It

What Time Will 'Succession' Season 3 Episode 2 Premiere on HBO and HBO Max?

What Time Will 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 11 Premiere on HBO and HBO Max?

Succession season 3, episode 2 recap: Snake linguine - CNET

Dune becomes Warner Bros. biggest opening of the pandemic - CNET

Do American Allies Want the F-35 Stealth Fighter?

Could Russia's Air Defenses Take Down American Stealth Fighters?

Jim Bovard: Down With Fraudulent 'Fair'Trade

Goldman Cut's China's 2022 GDP To Just 5.2%