It's Time People Understand That Chelsea Clinton Is Not Too Bright 

 Chelsea Clinton Tried to Troll Twitter Over a Make America Great Again Hat, Got Owned Instead

Italian Officials Call For Investigation Of George Soros Supported NGO Migrant Fleet 

 History Of Gun Control In Britain Shows Exactly Why More Attacks Are Coming

NYT Pushes For Congress To Pass Authorization Of War Against ISIS 

 The single most unattractive thing men can do during sex

 U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces capture air base from IS

ABC's Stephanopoulos: Trump in Denial Amid Questions About His Competence, Credibility 

ABC's Dowd: 90 Percent of Dems Won't Support Trump 'No Matter What He Does' 

Freedom Caucus Member Goes Toe-to-Toe with Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Over Health Care 

 De Blasio Blames Trump 'Rhetoric' When Black Man Is Murdered, But Aided BLM Rhetoric Before Cops Killed

 Huge white sphere spotted on surface of Mars by NASA satellite by alien hunters

 Veteran Newsman Ted Koppel Drops a Bomb on Sean Hannity: 'You Are Bad For America'

 House Freedom Caucus Member Resigns Over Health Care Battle

Former Obama Speechwriter Rips CNN for Its 'Stupid,' 'Bulls-t Factory' Pro-Trump Pundits 

 There's something very familiar about the latest White House fence jumping attempt

 U.S.-backed forces capture Islamic State-held airport near Euphrates dam


With Month Until Vote, Populist Leader Marine Le Pen Addresses Thousands at Lille Rally 

London Mayor Gets Trolled BIG TIME For Anti-Trump Tweets 

 Records Show Army Paid for Transgender DOD Official to Speak at West Point Trans Event

Judicial Watch File New Clinton Email Lawsuit 

Trump = Obama = Bush = Clinton On 4 Core Issues 

 Pair of Illegal Aliens Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Girl In Nation's Capital ('Sanctuary City')

 Russian police detain opposition leader, hundreds of protesters

'Hands off': London protesters stand up against Saudi intervention in Yemen 

 The Latest: Bulgaria's Socialist leader concedes election

 Is socialist America really what we want?

 US-backed forces capture Syrian air base from IS

 Lawsuit Filed Against Employer, Widow of Terrorist in Pulse Nightclub Shooting

 Georgia's Swamp Draining Model Is Good News for Trump

 House Intelligence Chair Calls Out Obama-Govt. For (Illegal) Surveillance Of Trump (VIDEO)

 Fights break out at Huntington Beach Trump rally, four arrested

 California approves vehicle pollution rules in rebuke to Trump

Reince Priebus Just Broke The News About What Trump Wants To Happen To Paul Ryan 

 New terror powers facing fresh legal threat were crucial in identifying Westminster attacker Khalid Masood as lone wolf

 Harvard Scientists Plan 'Chemtrails' Experiment On Public

 Antonio Banderas says he suffered a heart attack

 Pete King: Freedom Caucus to blame for failed healthcare bill

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 Update: 4 Anti-Trump Antifa Thugs Arrested, Face Felony Charges (VIDEO)

 CNN Brian Stelter Hammers Fox News for Covering Rockville Rape Case

 The Army Is Sending An Unknown Number Of Troops In New Deployment To Mosul

 Bangladeshi Assault Kills 2 Militants but Fails to End Standoff

 Couple's translation of Chinese almanac keeps the faith

 Hong Kong author champions wisdom of the Chinese almanac

 DUMBEST Tweet Of The Year! Chelsea Clinton Triggered Over Lincoln In MAGA Hat...

Focus on Border Wall as Visa Overstays Create Illegal Immigrant Crisis 

 [VIDEO] Ramos Complains That The 'Trump Effect' Is Scaring Illegal Immigrants From Entering The US

 US-backed SDF storms N. Syrian air base from ISIS

 Panicked Democrats Threaten House Intelligence Chair For Supporting President Trump

 How Colorado plans to thwart Trump on recreational pot

 NSA Whistleblower Says NSA Spied On Congress, The Supreme Court And Trump

 Remember when Trump promised one health reform? It wasn't in the AHCA. [VIDEO]

 Congolese rebels behead 42 police officers in dramatic escalation of conflict

 Trump Credited By Israeli Police for Push That Solved Bomb Threats Case, US Media Ignores

 Longbow Productions: FBI Reloaded - Bunkerville Trial in Nevada

 Pew: No U.S. Industry is Made Up of a Majority of Immigrant Workers

#JewishResistance: Protesters block AIPAC conference calling for end to Israel occupation (VIDEOS) 

Think mixing adult refugees with school kids is rare? One mayor's account will give you chills 

 Woman Arrested For Biting Spouse During Sex

 Good Riddance: Women's Strike Organizer, Convicted Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Agrees to Leave US

 Revealed: What Trump gave Merkel at their meeting has people OUTRAGED

 Obama wiretap of Trump campaign CONFIRMED!