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Would North Korea's Air Force Go "Kamikaze" In a War?

European foreign policy: a new realism on China

No More Air: How this Chinese Submarine Crew Died Is Horrifying

Supreme Court: Criminal Aliens Cannot Escape Detention by Dodging Federal Agents

Media FOIA Requests to EPA Spiked After Trump Election, Data Reveal 

Maryland House Passes Two Gun Control Bills

'Gun Sanctuary' movement spreads to NC as county adopts plan to thwart gun control 

'I have a lot of ideas' - Dem candidate Gillibrand lays out an extreme plan on illegal immigration 

El Paso border agents nab over 400 illegals - in five minutes!

Trump Wins: Supreme Court Rules Convicted Illegals Can Be Detained and Deported 

TIMES OF ISRAEL Blogger: "The ADL Murder And Extremism Report Is A Fraud"-Which Is What We Said About Last Year's Report

Cop had sex with boss as child was dying in hot car

The Ideology of Socialist Conquest

The Trouble With Socialist Anarchism

American Taliban traitor who fought and killed US soldiers to be released in May, expresses support for Islamic State (ISIS)

CNN Host Silent After Muslim Doctor States Trump Is Beloved In Muslim World 

Mitt Romney inserts himself, scolds Trump for criticizing his innocent perfect hero, John McCain

Romney 'Can't Understand' Why Trump Would 'Disparage' 'Heroic,' 'Honorable' McCain

Koppel: Establishment Press 'Out to Get' Trump

CNN Anchor's Lie About Trump & New Zealand Is So Huge She Shouldn't Even Be a Fake Journalist 

 President Trump & Hillary Clinton: See You Again

 President Trump Hosts Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro At The White House

How Does a Far Left Anti-Trump Obama and Hillary Deep State Donor Get Nominated to Ambassadorship in a Trump Administration? 

 Zuck's luck may have run out with POTUS: Trump to 'look into' Facebook's blocking of his social media chief

 WATCH: Trump accuses Silicon Valley of colluding to silence conservatives

 Supreme Court Rules For Trump On Another Immigration Issue

 Are there Zika reservoirs in the Americas?

 Watch The Trailer For Netflix's Zombie Thriller 'Black Summer'

 From Toulouse to New Zealand: Thoughts on the New Zealand Terror Attack

 Trump, Brazilian President Bond Over Defeating Socialism, Trade, Fake News

 'Insectageddon' is 'alarmist by bad design': Scientists point out the study's major flaws

 Big Tech's Censorship Continues To Squeeze Free Speech

 Bernie Sanders adviser posed as independent journalist to attack 2020 rivals

Chicago police union boss makes a big accusation in Jussie Smollett case - and it involves a former Obama aide 

 Tom Fitton Sounds the Alarm: Obama Hack Ben Rhodes Appears to be Defying Court Order Requiring He Answer Questions Under Oath

 U.S. Mosque Investigated for Allowing Child Marriages and Rape of Kids

 Tucker Carlson Breaks Down The Russian Hoax As Media Moves Back To Race Baiting

Morning Mistress 

 CNN's Tapper: Trump's 'Maliciousness' Is 'Infecting' the 'Whole Republican Party'

 Rep. Nunes Declares War on Twitter with $250 Million Suit as Full Scope of Its Bias Becomes Clearer

 FedEx falls on 2019 forecast cut, multiple brokerages lower price target

 Brexit delayed? British PM May to request short extension

 May 'WILL ask for a three month delay to Brexit in victory for Brexiteer Cabinet rebels

 Terror of British teenagers as they are 'abandoned on a snake-infested island for HOURS'

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 The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

 Taxpayers Federation: Budget 2019 shows Trudeau's broken balanced budget promise will cost $100 billion

 My approval ratings are, like, in the dumps

 Emily Ratajkowski Stuns On Instagram With Incredible Bikini Photo

 Can Anybody In The NCAA Tournament Beat Duke?

 Sarah Sanders Trolls CNN's Jim Acosta For Criticizing Daily Caller Reporter

 How to Silence Debate, New Zealand Edition

 There's Rampant Academic Fraud

 Why Brexit Could Happen Soon, and How It Will Affect Britain

 Owner of Nazi-themed business charged with sharing video of mosque massacre

 High-end mens' brands are flocking to Hudson Yards

 Police video sparked outrage, but a Miami-Dade commissioner isn't ready to judge

 A woman was hit by not one, but two vehicles. And neither driver stopped, cops say

 A flicker of excitement

 How to migrate SQL Server 2008 applications to Azure

 New NBC Drama 'The Village' Brings More Liberal Bias to Primetime Television

 'Roswell, New Mexico' Claims 'Rednecks' Voting Indigenous Rights Away

'Morning Joe' and 'Fox and Friends' Preview Strategies for 2020 

 Pennsylvania Drug Suspect Tells Police How To Have A Perfect Day

 WJXT: Fake Ponte Vedra psychiatrist gets 20 years for fraud scheme

 Off-duty pilot saved Lion Air 737 MAX 8 day before fatal crash

 Deer Park chemical fire extinguished overnight, ITC says

 Dancers get in step for SeaWorld's first-ever parade in Sesame Street land

 I-4 west near Fairbanks reopens after at least 10-car crash, FHP says

 Knowing how to push BART's buttons is key to a train operator's job

 'Us' review: Jordan Peele follows 'Get Out' with a sensational slasher thriller