Last Update: 02/24/20 14:51:46
Eastern Standard Time

Dem Megadonor, Gun-Control Activist Harvey Weinstein Convicted on Rape Charges

Terror-Linked Islamic Activists Renew Protests against Free Speech at U.S. Army War College

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Rape and Sex Assault

Records: U.S. deports suspect in Houston teen sex assault case, now he's on the run in Honduras

New report says evidence suggests China lied about origins of coronavirus outbreak 

How China Survived Past Catastrophe

Communist China says deadly coronavirus is 'largest public health emergency' in nation's history 

Flashback 2016: The Benefits Of Technocracy In China

Fmr Clinton Adviser: Hillary, Bloomberg 'Cooked Up a Scheme' For Her to Seize Nomination

Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape but acquitted of top criminal charges

End California's Illegal Discrimination Against Pro-Lifers

How Should the West Respond to the Iranian Protesters? 

Harvey Weinstein Is Found Guilty of Sex Crimes in #MeToo Watershed

No Bernie, Denmark is Not a Socialist Utopia

Time Traveler Visits From America's Glorious Socialist Future, Asks For Food 

CONVENIENT: As Sanders Surges, Panicked CBS Grills Socialist on Castro, Being Rich

Democrats Panic As Socialist Sanders Trounces Competition in Nevada

Stunning: A Delusional Socialist Just Blew Away the Democrat Competition in Nevada. Now What?

US takes out Somali terrorist in 9th precision airstrike this month 

Ruth Graham: The case for President Trump and Christianity 

HUGE Majority of Voters believe Trump will Win Reelection in 2020 

LIVE: Thousands Line Streets In India as President Trump Makes Way To Arena For Event With PM Modi 

 Hating Trump Can't Unite the Democrats

 Protests erupt in India over citizenship law as Trump tours Taj Mahal, prepares for talks

 112 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

 Sotomayor's Hypocrisy on Trump Friendly Judges Brutally Exposed by a Single Cartoon

 'This. Is. Amazing'! 100,000-plus at stadium rally for Trump in India made for quite the sight

 Donors Swoop In As Dems Give Trump Free Pass On Immigration

Julian Assange supporters camp out ahead of WikiLeaks founder's fight against extradition to US 

 Julian Assange braces for court showdown with U.S.

 'This is the leftist mind': Ted Cruz shreds Gavin Newsom's proposal for doctors to write housing prescriptions

Iran Is Still As Committed As Ever to Destroying Israel 

 MSNBC's Katy Tur Suggests FBI Should Track Young White Men, Give Them Bomb Making Materials to Entrap Them

 Biased Obama judge overseeing Roger Stone case tries to claim she's not...biased

 White House looking to change surveillance laws after Obama abused them to spy on Trump's ...

Canada Confirms 2 New Coronavirus Cases As White House Reportedly Weighs Retaliation Against Beijing For Expelling WSJ Reporters: Live Updates 

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Impeachment Witness Inks Seven-Figure Book Deal 

 IDF strikes Islamic Jihad in Syria, Gaza in response to rocket fire

 Trump visits Taj Mahal after promising to fight Islamic terror with India

 Harvard Professor Says 40-70 Per Cent of People Worldwide Will Be Infected With Coronavirus

 Harvey Weinstein verdict dispels the myth of the perfect rape victim

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 Call it 'fairness first': WaPo writer urges anti-Trump media to abandon all neutrality, but spin it better

Respondents to CNN Article About 'Africanized Bee Attack' Complain of Racism 

Democrats Thinking Of The Good Ol' Days: 

 Actor Jussie Smollett to Be Indicted on 6 New Charges

 U.S. Supreme Court to hear religious fight over same-sex foster care

 Health insurer shares pummeled by Sanders surge, virus worries

Somali refugee schoolgirl Shukri Yahye-Abdi drowned in River Irwell 

 Islamic renewal? Western challenge!

 Bloomberg: Hoping to reach the top of the ticket soon

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Why Mike Bloomberg is Finished...and So is the Democrat Party 

 Watch Vannessa Bryant Tear Up As She Eulogizes Kobe And Gianna

 Indiana Tight End Peyton Hendershot Arrested On Domestic Battery Charge

 FACT CHECK: Viral Image Claims Rhino Horns Are The Source Of The Novel Coronavirus

 What's Really Driving the Homelessness Crisis

 Booker T. Washington: A Legacy of Enterprise and Education

 Cargill latest giant to cook up own plant-based 'meat'

 'Bachelorette' babe Tyler Cameron talks Hannah Brown, hints at Gigi Hadid

 Why every user needs a smart speaker security policy

 5 reasons to choose PyTorch for deep learning

 John Ratcliffe: Adam Schiff is Russia's best asset in sowing election discord

 MRC VP Dan Gainor Calls Out Washington Post Story Accusing Facebook of Placating to Conservatives

 Google Bought Fitbit: EU Warned of Potential 'Risk' to Privacy, Data

 Suspects Sought In 4:20 AM Burglary Of Medical Marijuana Dispensary