Illegal Alien Who Abducted Girl In Virginia Is MS-13 Member

 Justice Department: Chinese nationals charged in deadly fentanyl distribution ring

Two Chinese citizens charged over fentanyl trafficking 

 Hillary Clinton Desperately Tries to Distract From Bombshell Russia-Uranium One Report

 FBI Had Evidence That Russia Bribed Clinton Foundation Before Obama Approved Uranium Deal

 WaPo gives Steve Scalise 'four Pinocchios' even though 'he may have a point' on gun control

 We Need Financial Oversight For Puerto Rico's Hurricane Recovery

Dave Brat: GOP Must Push for 'Permanent Fixes' for Illegal Immigration 

Raqqa, ISIS ‘Capital,’ Is Captured, U.S.-Backed Forces Say 

 White Juror Averts Another Emmett Till Jury in Mississippi; Foreman Ignored Vote, Tried to Acquit In Jessica Chambers Murder Trial

 Tarot Reader Gives Grim Forecast On North Korea

 Chinese startup creates its own version of Boston Dynamics' Spot robot

 Reese Witherspoon breaks silence on sex abuse - one twist shows just how twisted Hollywood's become

Spurs' Gregg Popovich: Trump is a 'soulless coward,' 'pathological liar' 

CNN: President Trump 'Just Makes Sh*t Up' 

NYT Bias: Senior Editor: Trump 'Oblivious Idiot,' Pence 'F***ing Horrible' 

 Gorka Defends Trump Against McCain Attacks: John 'Hasn't Seen A War He Didn't Like In The Last 20 Years'

Report: FBI Uncovers Confirmation of Hillary Clinton's Corrupt Uranium Deal with Russia 

 Bombshell: Obama Admin Colluded with Russia on Sale of U.S. Uranium Mine?

FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Approved Uranium One Deal, Netting Clintons Millions 

 British Scientists Discover Drug That Regrows Teeth, Fixes Cavities

 Illegal Alien Charged With California Wildfire That Killed 40 People

 Malia Obama Internship at Weinsteins Company

 Trump hits media with challenge after backlash for saying Obama didn't call dead soldiers' families

 ABC Gushes Over 'Picture Perfect' New Book of Obama Photos

 REPORT: Barack Obama Funded North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program

Trump: Ask General Kelly if Obama called him when his son was killed in action 

 Trump Doubles Down: Ask General Kelly If Obama Called When His Son Died

'Allah' NOT embroidered in Viking burial clothing - Islamic Art professor 

REPORT: FBI Sat on Evidence Tying the Clintons to a Russian Bribery Scheme 

 New cancer drugs help J&J top profit estimates

 Numbers Show The Deck is Stacked for Republicans in California's Legislature

 Monday Night NFL Ratings Sink to Season Low - League Has Lost 2.5 Million Viewers This Year

 Rand Paul Throws His Support Behind Moore For Alabama Election

 UN Human Rights Council's Newest Members Practice Systemic Rape, Modern-Day Slavery

 Illegal Aliens Have No Constitutional Right To Abortion Says HHS

 More Cases of Voter Fraud Pile Up As Liberals Look the Other Way

 Aaron Rodgers' injury leads to crazy odds flip

 This floating tent is glamping at its absolute stupidest

 Mayim Bialik is still apologizing for Weinstein op-ed

 Restaurant Forced To Close After Receiving Death Threats From Liberals Over Pro-Trump Facebook Post

 Miami Forever bond campaign fueled by anonymous money

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 Here's what a new $20 million plan for Coconut Grove Playhouse looks like

 Doctors and cops among 277 arrested in human trafficking, online prostitution sting in Polk County

 Mayor says statue of French Nazi sympathizer won't be first to go

 Fort Bend ISD event focuses on mental wellness

 Live updates: More than 34,000 people remain evacuated in Northern Calif. wildfires

 Three convicted of stealing from CHA, including man who netted $365K

Artillery, clashes & tents: Bizarre scenes in Kiev amid mass protest outside Ukrainian parliament 

 The Duplicity of Moderate Muslims

 Jaguars apologize to military for anthem kneeling

 Rand Paul endorses Roy Moore

 Russian bears are devouring humans due to a lack of alternative food sources

 People weren't too fond of Jane Fonda's answer to 'Are you proud of America today?'

 Ann Arbor City Council Takes a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance

 Trump Issues a Warning to McCain; McCain Fires Back ...

 The NFL Decides To Get Even MORE Political

 This Just In: Jane Fonda Still Hates America

 BOOM! NFL Monday Night Football Ratings Hit Season Low This Week

 Bombshell Revelations about Russia and Obama's Department of Justice

 Correction: Distressed Schools-Gary Manager story

 Stunned fishermen capture 12ft long shark in Norfolk waters just a mile off the British coast

 To keep Saturn's A ring contained, its moons stand united

 Flexible 'skin' can help robots, prosthetics perform everyday tasks by sensing shear force

 What did everyone think of the Google Pixel 2? (The 3:59, ep. 300) - CNET

 Han Solo standalone Star Wars movie finally gets a name - CNET

 Trump's Executive Moves Have Strengthened Checks And Balances

 Clinton Foundation Refuses To Return Donations From Harvey Weinstein