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Animal Rights Activist Stabs Woman for Wearing Fur 

6 Reasons Why the Most Hated Politician in Latin America Became President of Brazil

WATCH: Sinkhole in Brazil swallows mother and daughter as they drive behind truck 

Persecuted Church In China Praying For American Believers Who Aren't Sure Where They Can Get A Good Christian Chicken Sandwich Anymore 

Mood Sours After Global Times Says "Tariffs Rollback" Needed For Trade Deal; China Will "Fight Back" If Escalation Seen 

Furious China Shadows Two US Warships Sailing Through Disputed Waters, Warns Them To Leave 

Impeachment witness Fiona Hill: Russia tried to damage both Trump and Clinton 

'The fix was in': Former FBI official under criminal probe for alleged falsification of FISA application

Mail Call: Unconventional Arguments Against Gun Control 

Mexican Immigrant Jose Gomez, New Leader Of America's Catholic Bishops, Has A Top Priority. It's Not Sacking Pervert Priests

US Calls for Iran Crackdown Videos, Internet Slowly Returns 

VIDEO: Protesters in Iran tear down 'Death to America' banner 

WATCH: Video: Iranian Protesters Pull Down Anti-American Banners

WOOLSEY: Deploy South Park creators to take down 'pompous asses' in Iranian regime

Kim's Worst Nightmare: Inside America's "OPLAN 5015" Against North Korea

Security Robots Are Actually Mobile Surveillance Devices

Kellyanne Conway thanks Rep. Adam Schiff for boost to President Trump 

W.H. Spox Gidley: If House Impeaches, Trump 'Wants a Trial in the Senate' and to Call Schiff, Whistleblower, and Bidens 

 White House: Trump Wants Senate Trial

 President Trump Orders Navy: Do Not Take Eddie Gallagher's Navy SEAL Trident Pin

 Report: Senate GOP may limit impeachment trial to two weeks -- which is too long for Trump

China threatens retaliation if Trump signs Hong Kong rights bill into law 

 White House: Trump Wants Impeachment Trial In The Senate

President Trump Wants a Long Senate Trial, Will Call Joe, Hunter Biden as Witnesses 

 Voters Fear Violence From the Left Far More Than From Trump Supporters in 2020

 GOP Leader Drops BOMB on Schiff - Points to Committee Rule that Must Allow Republicans Day to Call Witnesses - Dems Forgot to Strike This in their Crooked Plot to Remove Trump

 'A remarkable insertion by a sitting justice': Justice Kennedy asked Trump to consider Kavanaugh for SCOTUS seat

 How an AI solution can design new tuberculosis drug regimens

 David Limbaugh: Leftist bullying works

 Video: Student Leftist Has Violent Hissy Fit Over 'All Lives Matter' Sign

 Sacha Baron Cohen Gets ADL Award, Calls For More Big Tech Censorship to Fight 'Hate'

Virginia Dems Attack Parental Authority With New Gun Bill 

 Watch Sacha Baron Cohen skewer Zuckerberg's 'twisted logic' on hate speech and fakes

 Fiona Hill Testifies that Obama Was Putin's Puppet

 Look At The List Of Things That Happened After Barack Obama Promised To Do Russia's Bidding...

 Rep. Blumenauer Under Fire For Calling For Boycott Of Sondland's Hotels To Pressure Him

 NYT's Paul Krugman: 'The Deep State Contains Some Really Impressive, Principled People'

 After the Impeachment

 Ep. 1116 This Entire Impeachment Hoax is Based on Lies

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 Exclusive -- Democrats Throw Impeachment Party at Capitol Hill Bar After Last Hearing

 Gleeful Bee Reacts to Sondland Testimony: 'I've Come Down With Impeachment Fever!'

 Liberal Chuck Lorre Posts Impeachment Message After Thursday Night Sitcoms

 Latest on the Impeachment inquiry

 6 Big Moments From Day 5 of Public Impeachment Hearings

 Alexander Vindman's Impeachment Testimony Displays His Open Insubordination

 How Republicans Won Phase One Of Impeachment

 Continetti: Hurd's Statement Suggests Larger GOP Impeachment Defense

 The Impeachment Witnesses Not Heard

 Rep. Jim Jordan: Impeachment is About Democrats Not Accepting Election Result

 Fusion GPS Founders Admit Anti-Trump Dossier Contains Dubious Allegations

 Durham Probe Expands to Pentagon Office That Contracted FBI Spy Stephan Halper

CNN Bombshell: FBI Lawyer Altered FISA Court Warrant Application 

 Report: FBI official who allegedly altered document related to 2016 Russia probe under investigation

 NewsWatch: How Judicial Watch is Fighting California's Unconstitutional Gender Quota System

 Trump challenged people to try to hear on speaker phone. See what happened when CNN took the challenge.

 'When the hell are they going to f---ing call on me?': Yang furious at MSNBC over speaking time

 Archbishop Vigaṇ: Pope is Subjecting Church to "Powerful Forces" that want "a World Government"

Morning Mistress 

 Tesla's electric pickup breaks the mould with angular design and armored glass

 Factbox: Tesla, Detroit, Amazon-backed Rivian race to electrify pickup trucks

 David Walliams has sold over 25 million of his children's books

 Fury at Corbyn on anniversary of IRA's Birmingham bombings

Judicial Watch Sues Justice Department Over 'Missing' Strzok-Page Text Messages Deleted by Mueller Special Counsel