Atlas V launches Air Force satellite from Cape Canaveral

 U.S. Air Force Weighs International Squadrons to Strike Terror Targets

 Indian army soldiers fight fire from highly polluted lake

Report: United Nations rife with sexual harassment and assault 

 Pentagon: Countering China and Russia now higher priority than fighting Islamic terrorism

 Western Companies Bow To China Bullying To Censor Mentions Of Taiwan, Tibet As Separate Countries

 Harvard Professor: Hillary Clinton Could Still Be President

 ICE Launches New Effort with Local Sheriffs to Facilitate Detention and Removal of Criminal Aliens

 Poll: 58% Oppose Shutting Down Govt Over DACA Illegal Aliens

 OMB Prepares for Schumer Shutdown Over Illegal Aliens Because Citizens Don't Matter

Shady triangle: Southeast Asia's illegal fuel market 

 Classic TV Show Stuns Fans by Announcing Reboot - With Illegal Alien Twist

Crazy Pelosi Brags About Protecting DREAMERS After Senate Democrats Block Funding in Favor of Illegal Aliens 

 White House Statement on #SchumerShutdown: Democrats Holding US Citizens Hostage to Get Deal for Illegal Aliens

 Insane: Calif. AG threatens legal action against employers who help feds take action on illegals

For Real 'Collusion,' Look At Obama's Dirty Dealings With Iran 

Top ISIS leader is American, Zulfi Hoxha, who was in contact with Boston jihadis plotting to behead Pamela Geller 

 Man Who Offered Reward For Info On Seth Rich Murder Is Attacked By Unknown Assailant

 Top 10 Sexy Sex Movies On Netflix

 On Telegram, Afghan Taliban Spokesman Says 700 More U.S. Troops 'Will Not Win' The Afghan War, Warns: 'Stop Testing Your Wretched Luck In The Graveyard Of Empires'

The 'Case Study' against Trump and the Threat of Nazi Psychiatry 

Morning Joe compares Trump to Stalin AND Hitler - and its unfavorable to the worst autocrats in human history 

 President Donald Trump SPEECH at March for Life in Washington

 Meet 4 Women And Their Kids Who Stood With Trump In His March For Life Address

 Analysis: Trump support carries rewards and risks for Israel

President Trump Addresses March for Life Event: 'Every Child is a Precious Gift from God' 

 Rapper Cardi B: 'Hitler' Trump 'Wishes Death' on 'Anybody Not White'

 NY Times pours COLD water on Dems' effort to blame shutdown on Trump (and libs are PISSED)

 Stormy Daniels cashing in on alleged Trump affair with strip club appearance in Greenville, SC

 Recent Wave of Looting Shows Extent of Hunger in Venezuela

 Gourmet Chocolate Becomes Economic Lifeline in Venezuela

 Colorado Springs Police Respond To Active Shooter

 Battle Growing Against Silicon Valley To Expose Extreme Leftist Bias

Live Updates - Schumer Amnesty Shutdown: Washington on Edge as Cliff Approaches 

 Mo'Nique Calls For A Netflix Boycott After Being Offered $10.5 Million Less Than Amy Schumer

 CNBC Busted Trying To Sneak A Fake Bomb Past Airport Security

 Congressman: 'Obama Deep State Officials Are Going To Prison Over FISA Scandal'

 GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: White House Blames Democrats, Won't Negotiate On DACA

 Democratic Member Seeks New Impeachment Vote Based On Trump's Alleged 'Shithole' Comment

 Hugh Fitzgerald: Professor Ziedan on Saladin

 An Open Letter to Our Community On Congress's Vote to Extend NSA Spying From EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn

Can you hear me now?: NSA can find & track people with 'voice-matching technology' 

 Comment on CHARLES C. JOHNSON: Why Steve Bannon Had To Go From Breitbart by tropicgirl

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 Did Christopher Steele Write His Dossier, or Did a Russian Associate?

 Twitter says Russian propaganda more widespread than estimated - CNET

 Hijab Hate Crime Hoax in Toronto Is Latest of Many

Dana Loesch Tears Into CNN for Celebrating THESE Protestors During March for Life 

Hot Pick Of The Late Night 

 U.S. government shutdown begins as spending bill fails in Senate

 'Drunk' British Airways pilot hauled from Gatwick flight

 Baby rescued reunited 43 years later with mother

 HHS Announces New Policies to Protect Life and Conscience

 House Votes to Protect Abortion Survivors

 Twitter Sends Users Creepy 'Big Brother' Email Regarding Secret 'Russian Influence' Online

 Government SHUTS DOWN

 Failed U.S. Policies Continue and Kurdistan Will Again Pay The Price

 Of Pothole Countries And The Sh**hole, That Ill-Begotten Epithet

 29 of the Best Signs at the March for Life

 Google Removes Fact-Check Feature Targeting Conservative Media

 The Right Side of History: The Media Continues to Whitewash the Legacy of Communism

 CNN head Zucker reportedly throws hat in the ring to run ESPN

 Knicks nip Jazz as Tim Hardaway dominates in return as a starter

 Wife who led double life online found dead outside home

 US government shuts down; Dems, GOP blame each other

 Spanish Nets Silent On FALN Terrorist's Cuba Trip

 Congresswoman Tells How She Chose Life for Her Daughter Who Was Given No Chance for Survival

 Speaker Ryan at March for Life: 'We Strive to Make Our Time in Congress a March for Life Itself'

 David Brooks: 'Ruinous for the Party' If GOP Cuts Immigration