Last Update: 07/09/20 13:22:57
Eastern Standard Time

WNBA Players Try To Chase Conservative Owner Out of League for Opposing Black Lives Matter 

US sanctions, bans from America a Chinese agency and 4 officials over human rights abuses 

Pompeo says Hong Kong 'just another communist-run city' after Chinese takeover laws 

US sanctions Chinese Communist Party officials for Uighur human rights abuses

Horowitz: More MS-13 murder and illegal alien child rape in notorious Maryland sanctuary

Biden Immigration Plan Grants Citizenship to 11 Million Illegal Immigrants 

As Murder and Crime EXPLODE, Watch Racebaiters SHARPTON and DE BLASIO Paint BLM Mural In Front of Trump Tower 

Police: 2 St. Louis workers assaulted by protesters

Will President Trump bring King Abdullah to Heel? 

Supreme Court Tackles Trump Tax Returns and Financial Records

Supreme Court, 7-2: House Cannot Force Trump to Provide Tax Returns

Jodie Comer is targeted by Twitter mob for 'dating a Donald Trump fan'

Supreme Court Gives Manhattan Prosecutor Access To Trump Financial Records But Rebuffs House Democrats

Conan Writer: Since My Mom Was a Trump Supporter, Her Death From Covid Was Ruled as Suicide

Watch Biden try to follow a teleprompter, he'll never debate Trump 

SCOTUS Big Decisions: Rules NY DA Can Subpoena Pres. Trump For Tax Returns, Blocks Congress From Accessing His Finances

'Political prosecution': Trump blasts court ruling on his tax returns

What You Don't Know About Donald Trump and the King Cyrus Prophecy 

 'Too Much and Never Enough': Did Mary Trump Defame The Dead In Her Tell-All Book?

'QUITE the omission': Mark Hemingway notices CNN left out 1 YUGE detail in stories shaming Trump for opening schools 

 Neal Katyal: The SDNY could indict President Trump before election day

 Donald Trump is the wall against anti-American globalism

 NPR Censors Little Sisters of the Poor from SCOTUS Case They Won

Pelosi Shrugs Off Mob Destruction in Baltimore: 'People Will Do What They Do' 

UFO hunter claims NASA Mars photo shows remains of 'ancient alien jet engine' (POLL) 

 Updates as Disney reopens: Annual passholders preview 2 theme parks

 CNN's Don Lemon blasted for hypocrisy over unearthed 2013 clip on Black-on-Black crime

Theresa May accused of 'breathtaking' hypocrisy after complaining about discrimination against black people 

 Portland Police Send Scorching 'No Confidence' Message to City Hall: Stop Defending Antifa

 Democrat Houston Mayor Allows BLM Protests, But Prepares to Nix Texas GOP Convention

 UPDATE: Driver Charged with Vehicular Homicide After Hitting Two BLM White Feminists Blocking Highway at 1:30 in Morning

 Chinese professor detained after criticizing communist leadership

 British Judge: Steele must pay businessman over false accusation about Russia ties in anti-Trump "dossier"

 BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Same Firm Behind Fake Russian Garbage Report Is Behind Fake Report Facebook Used to Shut Down Roger Stone's Account Yesterday

How Are Hate America Radicals Making All Of Our Decisions For Us?? 

Terror police arrest four in east London and Leicestershire raids 

 DeVos: Families Could Use Federal Funds Elsewhere If Pandemic Closes Schools

 Border Agents Seize $11 Million Worth Of Meth Entering Texas, Officials Say

 John And Governor Perry Spend Time Together In A Special Clip From The New 'Yellowstone' Episode 'Going Back To Cali'

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 Amber Heard Shows Photos Of Johnny Depp's Alleged Lunch, Cocaine And Whiskey

 One Day After Mocking 'Right-Wing' Media For Reporting On Crime, CNN's Cuomo Admits Homicides Are Rising - But Blames It On States Reopening

 Author Argues African Americans Gained Ground Under Trump's Leadership

 Problematic Women: Supreme Court Ruling Protects Little Sisters' Religious Convictions

 Transgender Vox Writer: Colleague's Signature on Freedom of Expression Letter 'Makes Me Feel Less Safe'

 'Unsolved Mysteries' on Netflix: Everything You Need to Know About The Puzzling Case of Lena Chapin and Sandy Klemp

 Quibi lost nearly all users after free trial, research firm says

 Google Fi: The complete FAQ

 Social engineering hacks weaken cybersecurity during the pandemic

 POOR Guys? Willie Geist Says He and Sharpton Can't Afford to Shop on Ritzy 5th Avenue

 CNN's John Avlon Spreads Falsehoods in Outraged 'Reality Check' on Tucker Carlson

 ICE Publishes Monthly Report on 287(g) Enforcement Actions

Okie Karen In Meltdown Over Mask Rule 

 How the House Armed Services Committee, in the Middle of a Pandemic, Approved a Huge Military Budget and More War in Afghanistan

 Lawyer details Johnny Depp's 'three-day ordeal of assaults' against ex-wife; actor calls it 'pedestrian fiction'

 Zillow Offers is buying homes in Orlando again, but with less personal contact

Not a 'racist' plan anymore? Democrats rejoice over Biden's $700bn 'Buy American' promise 

 Judicial Watch Victory: California Court Rules Taxpayer Lawsuit Against Gender Quotas for Corporate Boards May Go Forward

 Judicial Watch and Daily Caller News Foundation Sue for Joe Biden Senate Records at University of Delaware

 The Fight For Joe Biden's Senate Records

 Stand with Steven Baca, by Michelle Malkin

 WATCH: Biden Can't Read Teleprompter, Forgets His Own Proposal

 Killer Cuomo sent 6,300 COVID-19 stricken patients to nursing homes during pandemic

 Supreme Court Rules Nearly Half of Oklahoma Is Indian Reservation

 Warning! People Are Putting Hair Removal Cream in Shampoo Bottles