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Kamala Harris' Words Are Coming Back To Haunt Joe Biden, She Told Reporters Of Biden's Sexual Assault Accusation, 'I Believe Them' 

Touring Eastern Europe, Pompeo Blasts China and Russia

Trump Admin Designates Confucius Institute As Communist China Foreign Mission 

Bridgewater Backs Chinese Assets In Polarized World 

What Will Organized Criminal Violence Bring Next to Our Streets?

With Violence And Unrest Soaring, Support For Gun Control Plummets

How 2020 changed the gun control debate

Busting Up the Infection Cycle of Hepatitis B

US Says Iran briefly Seizes Oil Tanker Near Strait of Hormuz 

US seizes 4 Iranian gas tankers en route to Venezuela after threatening to disrupt deliveries - WSJ 

OPERATION LEGEND: FBI Offers $25K Reward In Murder of Young Mother, Child In St. Louis

'He Is White It's Time For Revenge,' Some BLM Supporters Celebrate Murder Of 5-Year-Old White Child Cannon Hinnant

Still No Mention of Murder of Cannon Hinnant in NYT or WP

Seattle protesters demand white residents' homes, 'they want it all'

All protesters detained in Minsk amid Belarus post-election chaos to be released by Friday morning - police chief 

Brookings to Biden: Bring in Even Greater Numbers of Refugees During COVID Pandemic 

San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With Boys

Report: As a Prosecutor, Kamala Harris Stonewalled Victims in Clergy Sex Abuse Cases

Exclusive - Trump Enumerates Consequences of a Biden Presidency: 'Chaos in this Country,' 'Portlands All Over,' 'Stock Market Will Crash' 

 University drops conduct code charges against student who used Trump background

 Michael Cohen offers preview of tell-all Trump book: 'I know where the skeletons are buried'

 Obama Alums Lash Out After Trump Announces Israel-U.A.E Peace Deal

 President Trump Unveils 'Historic' Israel-UAE Peace Plan

 (BREAKING) Attorney General Barr: Expect a development tomorrow in probe regarding government investigation of Trump campaign

Unexpected Blessing: A Day With President Trump 

 US election 2020 latest news: Kamala Harris says 'delusional' Donald Trump failed to take COVID seriously

 Stockton University Reaffirms Charge Against Student Who Used A Trump Background For A Zoom Class

 'Joe doesn't know too much': Trump slams Biden's call for a nationwide mask mandate, Democrat irony detected

Saliva Test For COVID-19 With "Less Than 1 Second" Results Enters Trial Phase In Israel 

 Watch Out for the New Censors

 Federal Judge Releases Muslim Who Pleaded Guilty in Plot to Behead Pamela Geller

 Israel to halt Palestinian land annexation in 'historic' deal with UAE

 The Tides Foundation and BLM

 Washington, D.C. Sued For More Info on BLM Mural

 CROSSTALK: U.S. is its own Russian boogeyman

 'Deeply Disturbing': Sen. Hawley Reacts To Documents Detailing 'White Men's Caucus' Race Training In US Nuclear Facility

 Cold Shoulder: MSNBC Bumps Brian, Leaves Larry Off List of Convention Plans

Girls With Guns 

 Donald Trump: Joe Biden Wants to Lock America in the Basement with Mask Mandate

 Coronavirus UK: 18 new fatalities in daily death toll

 Number of students given university places RISES nearly 3%

 Yale Discriminates Against Asian, White Applicants, Justice Department Says

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 AG Barr: There Will Be an Announcement of a 'Development in Durham Case' on Friday (VIDEO)

 Breaking News: AG Bill Barr Goes on Hannity to Announce Launch of Operation Legend to Help Crack Down on Violent Crime in US Cities (VIDEO)

 Former US Official Threatens To Blow Up 'Spygate'

 4 Big Positive Things The Media Won't Tell You About Coronavirus

 Bald Eagle Rips Off Drone's Propellers And Sends Flying Vehicle Into Lake, State Agency Announces

 States Have an Obligation to Offer Parents School Choice During Pandemic Closures

 Madonna set to fly to Jamaica for weekend-long 62nd birthday bash

 Economist lays out case for reparations that would cost US gov't $12T

 Windows 10 Insider Previews: A guide to the builds

 What is OSGi? A different approach to Java modularity

 GOP demands oversight through public hearings on COVID-19 matters in Illinois

 Law(lessness) and (Dis)order in Seattle and Elsewhere

 Crazy Larry Thinks the Postmaster General Is Basically Putin

 State Department Rule All But Kills Ban on Foreign-Worker Admissions

 The Border Patrol Is the Dry-Land Coast Guard

 O que Elon Musk quer com a Bolivia?

 Judge: Mom accused in QAnon kidnapping plot can stand trial

 Man in 'Pointing guns at penis' Facebook group shoots self in penis, becomes a hero in group

 It took 2 minutes to complete the census I've put off for months

 Demands grow for body cam video of Orange deputy shooting man at Florida Mall

 Body found by Geneva road ruled homicide, deputies say

 Multi-car crash on eastbound Bay Bridge creates huge backup

Megachurch sues California, challenging state over banning large religious services while allowing massive protests 

 Judicial Watch Sues for Answers on Hunter Biden Travels

 RNC files emergency request with Supreme Court over requirements for mail-in ballots

 New Reports Say Number Of Killer Cuomo's NY Nursing Home Deaths MUCH HIGHER Than Reported