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While Genocide Hits Syria, The Babylon Bee Laughs a Little Louder 

China Buying Boatloads Of Soybeans From Brazil After US Trade Talks 

This Week in Apps: League of Legends goes mobile, Tim Cook talks to China and more

Van Jones Slams Hillary Clinton for Attacking Tulsi Gabbard with 'Disinformation'

Hillary Clinton Calls It Quits On Upcoming Event Where Tulsi Gabbard Is Speaking

Jill Stein Slams Clinton for Attacking Her, Gabbard: 'You Can't Just Slander People'

California Gov Newsom pardons 3 convicted criminal immigrants to help block deportations

'Expert' who sent $1.8 billion to Iran says Trump doesn't know anything 

Orban warns that Hungary will use force against new migrant wave 

Competing in the Olympics made sent fencing star Monica Aksamit broke

LGBT protesters succeed in shutting down first Chick-fil-A in the United Kingdom 

Army on streets after protesters set fire to Chile metro stations

Venezuela Assemblyman Dares Bernie Sanders to Visit His Socialist Country Without Bodyguards

Pelosi, other US lawmakers arrive in Jordan for meetings on Syria 

All U.S. troops withdrawing from Syria expected to go to Iraq: Pentagon chief 

Erdogan vows to 'crush the heads' of Kurds in Syria

Lindsey Graham: If We Pull Troops from Northern Syria Then We Will Have Another 9-11 Attack (VIDEO)

Soldier who was wounded in search for the traitor Abdullah Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan dies from wounds

Syrian Christians Feel Abandoned by America, Trump Pleased With Ceasefire Agreement 

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Dallas, TX 

FOX POLL: Trump Losing To Biden, Warren By Double Digits 

 Turkish President Throws Trump Letter Into Trash as Aides Promise 'Necessary Steps' Over Disrespect

 In 1944, The U.S. Navy Captured Its First Enemy Warship In 122 Years

'Iranian threat' gives Israel 'fundamental right, even obligation' to bomb whomever it wants - Pompeo 

 Amazon warehouse staff 'forced to go back to work' after fellow employee's heart attack death during shift

 Turkish Bank Tied To International Billion-Dollar Oil Sanctions Skirting Scheme

 Shannon Watts Puts Her Hypocrisy On Display For The Whole World

Latest Project Veritas Video Expose on CNN 

 China's Communist Party Stokes Nationalism at Its Own Risk

Navy Patents UFO-Like Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor And Hybrid Space/Sea Crafts 

Girls With Guns 

 Trump: Doral Resort will No Longer Host G-7 Summit

 Marianne Williamson Defends Tulsi Gabbard, Accuses Democrats of 'Smearing Women it Finds Inconvenient'

 Jury in Video Journalist Trial Views Clip of Abortionist Lunching While Discussing Baby Organs

 UK PM sends unsigned letter to EU asking for Brexit delay

 Hong Kong tightens security ahead of planned protest

 Boris Johnson sends THREE letters to the EU: the one from him will urge Brussels NOT to grant delay)

 #WeLoveYouMeghan: Outpouring of support for Duchess of Sussex

 Maxime Bernier condemns Conservative Party plot to 'seek and destroy' the PPC

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 Stunning: Only Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson Defend Tulsi Gabbard from Hillary's Wacky 'Russian Asset' Charges - Rest of 2020 Democrats Are Silent!

 Beto Says It Is 'No Longer Sufficient Not To Be Racist'

 The Conservative Case For Taxing The Rich

 'I, I, I Don't Know': Anderson Cooper Stumps Kamala Harris With A Single, Simple Question

 San Francisco's Blacklist of Pro-Life States a 'PR Tactic,' Activists Say

 Syria Cease-Fire Should Avoid Needless Bloodshed

 Texas Shooting Death Shows the High Cost of Police Negligence

 Sinister prankster hacks Nest camera, threatens to kidnap baby

 Elijah Cummings widow Maya Rockeymoore expected to run for his House seat

 Deadspin Interviews Rock Climber Who Sees Border Wall As 'Very Ugly Symbol'

 Path, damage photos from EF-2 tornado that ripped through Polk County

 LIVE BLOG: Astros lead Yankees 4-2 in Game 6 of ALCS

 Shooting NE of downtown injures 3, Houston police say

 The little-told story about the BART seat-slashing gang that was part of an upholstery racket

Chile military declares curfew, president vows to reverse transport fare hike after mayhem in Santiago (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) 

'Russians will have a fight on their hands!' Alaska governor vows to thwart 'independence referendum & annexation' in prank call 

 Muslim Serial Hate Hoaxer Strikes AGAIN: 'He never taught here' Says Ice Rinks of Muslim 'Coach'

 'Islam Is RIGHT About Women'

 Boris Johnson Forced to Seek Brexit Extension After Rebuke from Lawmakers

 VIDEO: 'Aggressive' liberal activists shout at Rand Paul in restaurant - over 'incivility'!

Cruel Mom's Halloween Prank Has Kids Screaming, Weeping 

 Mark Of The Beast? NBC Touts Implants To Replace Cash, Identification And More

 Furious Man On Way To Work Ends Traffic Blocking Climate Protest By Himself

 Target Employees Learn Price Of Minimum Wage Increases, Suffer Rampant Loss Of Hours, Benefits