Overseas protests against Afrikaner genocide 'now bigger than anti-apartheid movement' 

Asia and Australia Edition: North Korea, Ireland, South China Sea: Your Monday Briefing 

Exclusive: U.S. warships sail near South China Sea islands claimed by Beijing 

 Bad News: Russia And China Could Soon Shoot Down Stealth F-22s and F-35s

Bitter Chelsea Clinton not thinking about impeachment 'yet', calls for Brits to protest Trump 

Pretend Iran Is Israel 

Trump: U.S. Team in North Korea to 'Make Arrangements' for Summit 

 US officials enter North Korea to prepare for summit

Trump: North Korea has 'brilliant potential' 

 Killer Drones, Incendiary Kites, Sniper Rifles and Robot Machineguns Contribute to Gaza Bloodbath

CNN's April Ryan Promotes Trump Child Sex Trafficking Ring Conspiracy Theory 

 CNN Analyst Tweets Article Suggesting Trump Could Be Running Child Sex Trafficking Ring

 How this 'Darth Vader' mask can boost your sex drive and performance - but only if you're a woman

Washington warns Syria not to retake their own territory 

 Alberto continues northern track; Tropical Storm warnings up as Florida landfall is forecast

 Art of the deal: Don Jr. and Eric Trump just bought this Florida beachside mansion from their aunt

 Ivanka Trump Tweets About Rule Penalizing Serena Williams at French Open for Having a Baby

 Donald Trump Spends 90 Minutes Shaking Hands with Hundreds of Naval Academy Grads

 Hypocrisy of "First Amendment" Ruling Against President Trump

 WaPo Reporter: Trump Out to 'Silence' Minorities With 'Bully Pulpit' on Kneeling

 WATCH: Brian Stelter Calls Trump A 'Liar'

Here's Pelosi Condeming Trump for NoKo Talks, Here's Pelosi Admitting to NoKo Talks 

 CONFUSION: Maxine Waters claims Trump sought 'back panel' with Russia

Theresa May to urge Trump to avoid London protests during UK visit: The Sun 

 Cohen Met With Russian Oligarch At Trump Tower and Is Widely Accused Of Selling Access To Trump . . . But Remains A Likable Fellow

 Religious Writer: Trump Is Being Undermined By 'Luciferian' Beings With 'Supernatural Multidimensional' Powers

 Entertainment Weekly correspondent gets story of the 1500 missing kids TOTALLY WRONG to bash Ivanka Trump

Peter Schiff: Trump "Victories" On Trade Are Anything But 

 Poll: Despite Conspiracy Media's Best Efforts - 59% of Americans Know Mueller Probe Is a Far Left Witch Hunt

 Tucker Carlson Exposes Facebook Censorship in Interview of 'Roe v. Wade' Producer

Why does Soros spend millions to elect US prosecutors? 

Iran sanctions shadow falls on smaller German banks 

Fears of deadly gas explosion as lava inches toward Hawaii geothermal plant (VIDEOS) 

Bishop Michael Curry: from royal wedding to White House protest 

 German priest wears Islamic headscarf in protest against anti-immigration party AfD

 Muslim Comedian Tries To Hijack Memorial Day To Honor The Anti-Trump Resistance

 David Gregory: By Reopening Investigation, FBI Director 'Allowed Himself to be Injected' Into Campaign

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Liberals Be Like... 

 'EXTREMELY DANGEROUS': Dramatic Video Shows Flash Floods Ravaging Baltimore Metro Area

 GOP Voters: Immigration Most Important Issue Facing the Nation

 Turns Out Those Stats About Our Destroying the World's Forests - Totally Fake

 School Decides Not to Play National Anthem Before Championship Game, So Crowd Starts Singing

 Italy's president calls in former IMF official amid political turmoil

 Mother reveals her 'little girl', 18, died after taking TWO pills at music festival

 UK Weather: 62,000 bolts of lightning light up Britain's skies

Whitney Houston's cousin hits back at Kanye West for using photo for album 

 Chris Froome wins Giro d'Italia to completeGrand Tour treble

 New Utah State University Study helps cities budget for Water Main Breaks

 Heeding Democratic Warnings

 Stolen Purple Heart Found In Trash Reunites With Family

 Ontario Conservatives Want To Lower The Base Price Of Beer To $1 CAD A Bottle

 Inflatable Unicorn Nearly Kills UK Father And Daughter

 Poland Wants To Pay US $2 Billion For Its Permanent Military Presence

 FACT CHECK: How Many Long Islanders Were Killed By MS-13 In The Last Year?

 We Hear You: Some Free Speech to Honor Those the Nation Salutes on Memorial Day

 In Ukraine, the Game and the War Go On

 What the Left Gets Wrong About Stock Buybacks

 On this Memorial Day, consider what we owe America's veterans

 Shakespeare's lesson for Memorial Day

 Wilmer Flores is newest Mets injury headache to worry about

 Alberto slowly strengthens as it churns toward Florida Panhandle

 What Memorial Day weekend? Almost all we saw was rain