Tiffany adds three directors in pact with activist JANA

WORDPRESS getting sued for $100M for censorship efforts to shill political candidates and competitors 

TRUMP NAME GAME Chinese rush to trademark 'Ivanka' for businesses 

Bitcoin Soars Above $1100, Near Record Highs As Chinese Bypass Crackdown 

Congress Contemplates Making it Illegal to Protect Consumer Privacy Online 

 US ramps up crackdown on illegal immigrants

 CA budget guts middle-class aid, keeps scholarships for illegals

Irony: Migrant Riots in Sweden day after 'Outrage' over Trump Comment 

German Minister Pledges to Protect Families... from Social Media Posts About Migrant Rapes 

 Ald. Austin says she's praying for grandson charged with murder

 GoFundMe removes defense fund-raiser for Vetrano murder suspect

 Tragic last words of 25-year-old woman decapitated and stabbed to death by jealous boyfriend in 'sadistic' murder recorded on phone

 The Latest: McConnell 'proud' of protesters outside speech

 State lawmaker unveils bill requiring consent before sex at Texas colleges

 Shhh: No One Tell Michelle About The Socialist Diet Plan

Thank goodness Hillary was around to tell Trump to speak out against anti-Semitic attacks 

At African American Museum, Donald Trump Vows to Defend 'Promise of Freedom' 

 Riots in the Stockholm suburb Trump mentioned in speech

 'ROOT OUT HATE' Trump tours African-American museum, speaks out on anti-Semitism

 Ignatius: 'Biggest Question' Trump Faces Is Not About Who He Chooses, 'It's About Himself'

 Republican Pundit Asks Trump Supporters: 'Don't You Know You're Wrong?' Then Brit Hume Led the Charge...

 Leftist Group Prints Guide on Amplifying Trump Resistance

The Trump Triumph Challenges Economic Predictions for 2017 

Sheriff Clarke on Leftist Violence: 'It's Going to Get Cops Killed' 

 'Vanderpump Rules' 515 Recap: In Which Happily Ever After Looks a Lot Like Fake News

 The secret of scientists who impact policy

Uber hires Eric Holder to review sexual harassment claims 

 Kredo Tells OAN: Obama Officials Pushed Flynn Out As NSA

 Israeli soldier gets 18 months' jail for killing wounded Palestinian attacker

 Black Targets Matter? BLM Thinks Target Shooting Is Racist

 Secretary Kelly Is Making Massive Changes to Who Gets Deported

 Why Russia and China Should Fear America's New SM-3 Missile (Think Missile Defense)

 Chef who battered his Chinese girlfriend jailed for life

Priutt: New EPA Will Follow The Law And Will REGULATE, Not DICTATE 

 Some Things Trump Can Do on H-1B

Iran Demands US Chess Champion Wear a Hijab at World Competition, Look How She Responds... 

 Homeland Security unveils plan to crackdown on illegal immigration

 Hunters shot near border blamed illegal immigrants. But they shot each other, cops say

 Illegal Immigrant Advocates Ponder Next Steps After Phoenix Votes Down Sanctuary City Measure

Top U.S. Commander Says U.S. & Allies Have Killed Over 60,000 ISIS Insurgents 

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 Hate figure dreams of 50-year migrant crackdown

Op-Ed: Can North Korea Launch Pearl Harbor II? 

 Immigrants Riot In Sweden Just Hours After Media Declares No Immigration Troubles In Sweden

 Cops: Suspect Used Sex Toy During Attack

President Asad Of Syria Declares 'I Support President Donald Trump's Travel Ban On Syria Because It Will Stop Terrorists From Infiltrating The USA' 

 CIA-backed aid for Syrian rebels frozen after Islamist attack

 Breaking: Trump Was Right On Sweden!

 'Like a Warzone': Muslim Migrants RIOT, LOOT, TORCH Cars, ATTACK POLICE, Hours After Swedish PM Slams President Trump for Linking Mass Migration to Rising Violence

 Joy Behar on Trump Reining in Regs: 'They Don't Want Clean Water or Air'

'Unfit to be president': Obama hammers Trump with harshest comments yet 

 Meme Perfectly Sums Up the Truth about Trump and 'Temperament'

New Report: Trump To OK DHS Plan For More, Faster Deportations 

ISIS Targeted Nuclear Reactor Getting Shipment Of Weapons-Grade Uranium 

Three Arrested in France for Plotting Suspected Islamic Terror Attack 

Iran's Supreme Leader: Israel Is a 'Cancerous Tumor,' 'Fake Nation' 

 How Israel became a leader in cyber security and surveillance

 8-Year-Old Boy Overdoses on Heroin

 Growing number of teens think getting heroin is 'probably impossible'

 Uber Hires Former AG Eric Holder To Investigate Alleged Sexual Harassment, Lack Of Diversity