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Climate Change Activist Admits: Being Green "Requires the End of Capitalism"

Will Artificial Intelligence End Up Being Really Stupid?

Is China Getting Ready to Build Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers?

Technocratic Governance Seen As Ruling In China And Asia

'Lock Her Up!': With Trump in Attendance, Crowd at Mar-a-Lago Fundraiser Cheers Lindsey Graham Call to Investigate Hillary Clinton Over Dossier 

Trump Taps Stephen Moore for Federal Reserve Board 

Fox Highlights Cop Murdered by Illegal Immigrant, Other Nets Ignore

Quinnipiac: Voters in New York Oppose Drivers' Licenses for Illegal Aliens

DHS Sec. Nielsen: Border Patrol Likely to Apprehend 100,000 Illegal Aliens at Southern Border in March 

Illegal Immigrant Killed a Washington State Sheriff's Deputy

Trump Administration Hits Iran With New Round Of Sanctions 

'Shocking': Brit Official Says Christianity Is Violent, Blocks Iranian Christian from Asylum 

White House: ISIS Territory in Syria 100% Eliminated 

White House: ISIS territory in Syria has been 100 percent eliminated 

Venezuela's Interior Minister: Detained Guaido Aide Part of Terrorist Cell

CNN Reacts to Mueller News: 'Huge Victory for the President,' Trump 'Vindicated' 

POTUS Trump Gives Fox News The Cold Shoulder - Calls On OANN Instead...

Bill Maher: 'I don't need a Mueller report' to know that Trump is a 'traitor' 

 Pompeo: It's 'Possible' God Sent Trump To Be Savior Of Jews

 Auntie Maxine Thinks She Has Trump Right Where She Wants Him Now

CNN Commentator Mocks Christian Beliefs, Calls Christian Trump Supporters A Cult 

 Police arrest 11 over terror attack plan

 Terror-tied CAIR defeated in San Diego

 Ivy League Jihad: Nearly 70% Of Brown University Undergrads Vote For BDS Against Israel

 NUMBERS DON'T LIE: Trump's free speech executive order could cost colleges billions

Not all Democrats are caving to MoveOn's AIPAC boycott 

Watergate - The First Deep State Coup 

 Black Professor Picks Feminism, Loses at Life

 Watch: Store Clerk Fights Off Armed Robbers With Machete

 A Reader Asks About Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein, Who Was Brought Up Communist

 Damning texts reveal DOJ was worried FISA was based on potential biased source but FBI wanted to press on

 US, Russian Bombers Square Off Over Europe

 Timeline: Big moments in Mueller investigation of Russian meddling in 2016 U.S. election

 U.S. Nuclear Power Generation At All-Time High Despite Closures

 KABOOM! CNN Admits No Further Mueller Indictments Is a 'Huge Victory for the President'

 'OMG are those TEARS'?! Rep. Eric Swalwell just basically had a total MELTDOWN over the Mueller report on CNN (watch)

Hot Pick Of The Late Night 

 Watch: Pompeo Doesn't Mince Words, Calls Out Congresswoman on Blatant Anti-Semitism

 Research Firm That Predicted Trump's 2016 Win Says He's in for a Massive 2020 Victory

 New Zealand reopens mosques that were attacked; many 'march for love'

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 Former college lecturer behind cancel Brexit petition threatened to shoot Theresa May

 Amber Rudd 'trolled' by her own daughter whose article with article on the positives of Brexit

 'Class clown' is videoed swallowing a live goldfish


 Klamath Dam Removal Agenda

 Alberta Election: UCP holds commanding lead as campaign begins

 Karl Rove On Mueller Report: 'If There Was Collusion We Would Have Known About It'

 Rachel Maddow Spends Opening Segment About Mueller Report On Verge Of Tears

 MSNBC Reporter In The Field Caught Doing Sickening Act On Live TV

 Celebrate Kyra Santoro's Birthday With Her Hottest Looks

 Budget Cuts Would Stifle US Broadcasting to Post-Soviet Regions

 Nets, D'Angelo Russell knock LeBron James out of playoffs

 2 shot in Bronx street, including a 13-year-old boy

 Motorcyclist injures Beach cop amid heavy police presence deployed for spring break

 'That's not my job': Miami police chief rejects proposed anti-sanctuary city policy

 Teen's mom on cop's acquittal: 'Hope that man never sleeps'

 IDG Contributor Network: The coming virtual desktop/gaming war: Why your 2025 PC will be in the cloud

 AI cloudops is coming, whether you like it or not

 First Things produces a 'Seinfeld' manifesto, about nothing

 52 percent 'unfriend' over political views, Dems rage more than GOP

 Must Watch: Chris Matthews Suffers an EPIC Meltdown Over the Mueller Report

 Chain Migration and Legacy Admissions

 Virginia Governor Northam Vetoes Bill to Encourage State-Federal Immigration Cooperation

 Egg Roll Rage Lands Florida Man Behind Bars

 Flight attendant detained by immigration on return to United States

 Fingerprint tech to open, start cars

 After NCAA win over VCU, UCF basketball, like football, is putting Knights on national map | Commentary