Chelsea Clinton accidentally proves why we should be skeptical of celebrities quoting scientific studies 

 ‘Dreamers’ Are Not Target of Immigrant Crackdown, Cabinets Officials Say

Trumps Indonesian Allies In Bed With ISIS Backed Militia Seeking To Oust Elected President 

 Why Would North Korea Launch A Nuclear Missile?

'CLINTON REGIME' Page: Media, Hillary tried to label me Trump 'adviser' 

 Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Has Officially Been Moved to 'Death Row'

 France: 2 men charged in thwarted pre-election attack

 Violating Probation? Antifa Member Arrested For Plotting Acid Attacks at Inauguration Spotted at DC Protest (VIDEO)

 BREAKING: Antifa Supporter Arrested After Physically Assaulting Rebel Media's Jack Posobiec (VIDEO)

 Flashback: Obama's CIA Ordered to Hack Marine Le Pen and Other French Presidential Candidates

 French Election: Centrist Macron, Far-Right Le Pen Headed For Run-Off Election After Securing Most Votes In First Round. Can Le Pen Actually Win?

 Macron and Le Pen to contest French run-off

 Macron And Le Pen Move To The 2nd Round: What Happens Next, According To Goldman And Citi

POWER DRESSING Teen dons prom gown in Black Lives Matter tribute 

Bill Clinton jokes that Clinton Center was 'bugged' 

 Chicago Votes to Hide Illegal Aliens - Including Criminals - Give Them City Services

 ALERT: Just As USS Carl Vinson Approaches, North Korea Threatens To Sink It

 Trump To Discuss North Korea In Sunday Call With China's Xi, Japan's Abe

 Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri Urges Mujahideen In ?Syria To Adopt Guerilla Tactics, Not Focus On Holding ?Territory, And Present Jihad In Syria As A Global Islamic ?Cause

 Al Qaeda chief urges jihadists to use guerrilla tactics in Syria

 Russia Asks How White Helmets Emerged Unharmed In Syrian Sarin Attack

 Muslim terrorist who murdered British tourist will be paid $1,025 per month

 South Dakota Muslim charged with live streaming terrorist threats on Facebook

 What would happen if Trump offered a cheaply-made, obviously-forged version of his tax returns? Or does that only work with birth certificates?...

 Charlie Daniels Explains Trump vs Hillary

 Democrats Hopeful That Trump Will 'Cut a Deal' on Background Checks

Crisis-ridden Venezuela gave $500K to Trump inauguration 

You'll Never Guess What Happens To Wikileaks Founder When He Uses Up All Of His Free Speech Allotment 

 Macron, Le Pen Emerge as Runoff Candidates in French Election That Just Put the Far Left on Notice

 War against Israel is spiritual

 Silent no more: Scientists take to streets

 Kim Zolciak's son undergoes surgery after dog attack

 No 'safe space' for Antifa anymore...

Macron, Le Pen advance to France runoff 

 French Politicians Make Desperate Call To Block Le Pen Presidency

 Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen Are Poised to Advance in French Election

France's Final Choice: Le Pen or Vichy Sharia 

 Indiana State University Professor Arrested For False Reports Of Anti-Islamic Threats and Assault

The Watergate Style Break-In That Covered Up Shocking Wave Of Clinton State Department Scandals 

 Poll: Trump would beat Clinton in a rematch among 2016 voters

 Washington Post Poll: Trump Would Still Beat Clinton

 Israel Defense Forces Blow Up Pro-Assad Militia Group In Syria

 US Blots Out Taliban 'Shadow Governor' In Afghanistan Airstrike

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ABC's Jon Karl: In First 100 Days, Trump Has 'Fallen Dramatically Short' of the Standard He Set 

DHS Chief Kelly: Trump Will Be 'Insistent' on Funding for Border Wall 

 11 Ways Trump Has Rolled Back Government Regulations in His First 100 Days

 Lankford: I Think Trump Should Keep His Word and Release His Taxes

 Michael Moore predicts Trump will win in 2020

BREAKING: Trump Just Unleashed a MASSIVE Blow Against ISIS.... 

 MSNBC's Maddow spots REAL cause of Venezuela crises (Clue from Captain Obvious: Rhymes with 'grump')

 Illegal Alien Stabbed Man In North Carolina

 Exxon Attempts To Maneuver Around Russian Sanctions

 Trump Schedules Rally For Same Night As The White House Correspondents Dinner

 Trump: Mexico border wall will keep out 'very bad' MS-13

 Drunk Teacher Wanted to Kiss the Police Officer - [VIDEO]

 Marine Le Pen Emmanuel Macron go head to head in election

 France's next leader: centrist Macron vs. far-right Le Pen

lepen.JPGIs Marine Le Pen the French Donald Trump? 

 France's Macron appears set for Elysee in runoff with Le Pen

 France's Macron appears set for Elysee in runoff with Le Pen

 French election: Macron beats Le Pen in round one

 Springsteen Adds Voice to Anti-Trump Protest Song: 'That's What Makes Us Great'

 Trying to avoid politics, FBI Director Comey instead shaped an election

 When Helping Allah Does Not Help (Ft. Mustafa Khattab)

 Three suspects sought in East Oakland sexual assault

Muslim teen wins fight for right to box in hijab