Piers Morgan scores exclusive interview on Air Force One. President Trump has a lot to share. 

This is how Russia could test NATO, warns former US Army Europe commander 

 #WAR: Terrorist group Hamas launches massive attack on Israel, hundreds of rockets fired, WATCH as rocket hits kindergarten playground in Israel

Half of illegal children crossing US border are not with 'parents' 

 "French" Team Wins World Cup, And Croatia Blocks Illegal Immigrants

Change Is Coming to Iran 

US rejects Europe's hopes of Iran sanctions relief 

 Inside Israel's Raid to Seize Nuclear Documents in Iran

 Inside Israeli spies' secret mission to steal Iranian nuclear secrets

60 truckloads of ISIS fighters sneak into Iraq 

 Dems launch pressure campaignover migrant families

 Calif. Man Admits to the Attempted Murder of U.S. Consulate Official in Mexico

 Story of a Foiled Islamist Terrorist Attack

Nunes: Mueller indictment 'would look ridiculous' if Trump had taken this one step 

 Booker: Trump Being Harsher to Europe than Putin Is 'Commander-in-Chief Malpractice'

 Nets Ignore Video of Teen Assaulted for Wearing Trump MAGA Hat

Media Misses: CNN and President Trump Get Testy Overseas 

 The Deep Truth Behind Why Trump Is President

 Dems Responsible for 'Hatred and Dissension,' but Trump Says U.S. 'Will Heal'

 'Pretty Silly' for Trump to Demand Russian Extradition, Bolton Says

 Democrats and Deep State Terrified of What Putin May Tell Trump at Helsinki Meeting

 Anti-Putin Russian punk band Pussy Riot disrupts World Cup final

 Shifting the Roe Burden Back to Schumer

 Illegal Alien BEHEADS 13-Year-Old Special Needs Girl, Murders Grandmother, Officials Say

 CNN's Tapper Asks Obama Aide: Was Obama 'Asleep at the Switch' on Russian Meddling?

 NY Times: 'Trump Got From NATO Everything Obama Ever Asked For'

 Dem strategist groin punches self over this 'white' intern in a MAGA hat

 The Deep State on Campus

 The Dishonesty of the Deep State

 Toxic Hot Wings? Tulsa Professor Raises Concerns Over Chicken Wings As A Form Of Toxic Masculinity

 Lisa Page Supports Theory FBI Had Desired Outcome in Russia Probe

 France: A Second Jihad in the Bataclan?

 Convicted Killer Running As Democrat For Vacant Senate Seat

 Watchdog Organization Takes Aim at California University for Defending Pro-Abortion Vandals

 Parliament vote to reveal extent of anger over May's Brexit plan

 France lifts second World Cup after classic final

 Police fire tear gas after a MILLION French celebrate World Cup victory on the Champs-Élysees

 Elon Musk attacks British diver over Thai cave rescue

 World Cup final 2018: France win with 4-2 victory against Croatia

 Steve Bannon says EDL's Tommy Robinson 'is backbone of this country'

 New Utah State University Study helps cities budget for Water Main Breaks

 Rejecting carbon colonialism

 Ocean City Wants Invisible Offshore Wind Turbines

 The ultimate 'smell test': Device sends rotten food warning to smartphones

 4th Grader Questioned By School Officials Over Parents' .22 Rifle

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 FACT CHECK: Have NATO Allies Increased Defense Spending By $34 Billion?

 Bernie Sanders Campaigns For Democrat Who's Been Arrested Nine Different Times

 GOP Volunteers Kicked Out Of Uber As Driver Says 'Welcome To The Resistance'

 A First Amendment Lawyer's Take On Brett Kavanaugh

 We Hear You: The President Gets to Fill Another Supreme Court Vacancy

 Ireland Might Drop Psychiatric Requirements for Transgender Individuals Seeking Hormone Therapy

 Knife-wielding dad with stroller flips on subway rider

 Yankees' biggest need was on full display in this implosion

 Trespassing teen kills beloved tarpon at iconic Keys marina

 6 efficiency-enhancing Android apps

 NY Times Cuts Up SCOTUS Pick Kavanaugh: 'Son of Privilege,' Father a 'Swamp Creature'

 On NPR, E.J. Dionne Loves Mueller's 'Exquisite' Timing of Indictments Before Putin Summit

 Trump on Meeting With Putin: 'Nothing Bad is Going to Come Out of It, And Maybe Some Good Will Come Out'

 Nets Barely Touch Story of Mexican Man Beaten With Brick

 Officer involved in shooting at Alvin church

 France wins its second World Cup title with 4-2 victory over Croatia

 Two staff members injured during 'melee' at Volusia detention center, deputies say

 Deadly Yosemite fire grows to 4,000 acres, evacuations ordered

 Person shot to death in Grand Crossing

French cops deploy tear gas & water cannons to contain fan frenzy after World Cup win (VIDEOS) 

'Vive La France!': Joyous French players gatecrash presser, soak manager & journalists (VIDEO) 

'Tonight we party, but Ballon d'Or is not in my hands': Man of the World Cup final Griezmann 

 Sunday Night Art

 Asia and Australia Edition: World Cup, Vladimir Putin, Pakistan: Your Monday Briefing