U.S. Army To Deploy Autonomous Killer Robots On Battlefield By 2028

 What American Gun Grabbers Could Learn From Brazil

 Kim Jong Un Visits China For The Third Time In Three Months

Trump threatens new tariffs on $200bn of China goods 

 Reduction in sulfur emissions from power plants in China

 Kim Jong Un on third visit to China in three months

Trump Readies More Tariffs for China 

Global Markets Tumble As Trade War Fears Spike; China Crashes 

 Loretta Lynch and Clinton Aide Shared 'Highly Classified Material' in 2016

 DACA Amnesty Granted to Criminal Illegal Aliens

 Ted Cruz announces legislation to keep illegal immigrant families together. Here's what the bill does.

 Children Cry on Tape After Border Apprehension, Illegal Alien Mother Convicted

 Sessions Says Illegal Immigrants With Children Aren't Seeking Asylum

 Our Debate On Illegal Immigration Is A National Disaster

 CA school board opts to name after illegal immigrant - instead of Obama!

Remember When Holier-Than-Thou CNN Turned Deporting Illegals into a Game? We Do... 

 Nice Try, Though: Watch Illegals Demand To See Warrant As ICE Busts Down Their Door

 Controversy at US-Mexico border as immigrant children taken from their parents

 SHOCK VIDEO: Inside Trump's Concentration Camp For Immigrant Children

 Undocumented immigrant killed two women in Miami, dumped bodies on street, police say

 Trump Is More Right Than Wrong About Migrant Crime in Germany

World had record increase of refugees last year: report 

 Sleazy Sex Games and Dirty Politics in the Southern Baptist Convention

 Is Trump Pivoting East in Europe?

 Shocker: Trump lies about crime in Germany

 Here's how 'challenging' it was to find Strzok's 'we'll stop' Trump text message

 Liberals Now Triggered Over Children's Book About Trump

The Hill's Morning Report - Sponsored by PhRMA - Defiant Trump meets with House GOP amid border blowback 

Gallup: Trump approval ties his personal high as satisfaction with U.S. direction reaches highest level in 12 years 

Lindsey Graham to DOJ IG: How can we trust Strzok's findings on Hillary's email knowing that he wanted Trump to lose? 

 President Trump Has a Clear Choice When It Comes to a DACA Amnesty

ZTE shares tank after U.S. Senate puts Trump reprieve in doubt 

 Pastor With a Gun Stops Would-Be Mass Shooter in WA Walmart

Ex-CIA Engineer Charged with Massive Leak to WikiLeaks 

Israeli arrested for selling fireworks to East Jerusalem man for use against police 

 Trump Directs Pentagon to Create 'Space Force,' After Obama Gutted NASA to Make Muslims 'Feel Good' (VIDEO)

 Democrat Hypocrisy on 'Kids at the Border' Brutally Exposed

 Rep. Biggs: The Deep State Has Existed for a Long Time

 Reporter, aka activist, brags about disrupting White House briefing by playing audio of crying children

 LIVESTREAM: White House Press Briefing with the Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

 EPA Sends 'More Reasonable' Version of Obama's WOTUS Rule to the White House

 David Gregory: By Reopening Investigation, FBI Director 'Allowed Himself to be Injected' Into Campaign

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 When I Tried to Give Gifts to the FBI

How Cyber Sleuths Finally Found Missing FBI Texts 

Iran looks to veto Saudi, Russian oil production proposal 

 REPORT: Democrats Push 'Children In Cages' Hoax In Despererate Bid To Sway 2018 Midterms

Morning Mistress 

 Ann Coulter: 'Of Course' the Left Is 'Using Children' to Push Open Borders

 Wonder Why Strzok Agreed To Testify? He Never Said 'Under Oath'

 North Korea's Kim visits Beijing; South Korea, U.S. halt military drill

 Kansas judge strikes down voter ID law

Graffiti community pays tribute to victims killed by train in London 

 XXXTentacion shot dead in Florida in 'possible robbery'

 New Utah State University Study helps cities budget for Water Main Breaks

 Trump to Congress: If you want us to stop separating families at the border, then change the law that tells us to

 Tom Fitton: 'I don't Understand why Mueller is still Around'

 White House press briefing

James Woods Has Perfect Response to Crooked Hillary's Faux Outrage Over 'Trump's Immigration Policy' 

 Start Your Day With This Bikini Photo Of Emily Sears

 IT'S HAPPENING: The Obama-Holder Progressive Left Counter-Offensive

 Fact Checking 4 Claims About Detaining Children at the Border

 Horrifying moment a roof collapses, leaving multiple tourists injured

 Phil Mickelson invests in futuristic frozen yogurt chain

 Don't put all your anti-climate-change eggs in the electric-car basket