Police Use Tear Gas on Protesters Outside of Trump's Phoenix Rally 

CNN Reporter Gets Tear Gassed, Can Barely Speak After Trump Protesters Cause Chaos in PHX (VIDEO) 

 Ahrar al-Sham demise signals defeat of 'moderates' in Syria

 HE'LL BE 'JUST FINE' Trump hints at rally he will pardon ex-sheriff Arpaio

 BLM, ANTIFA and left wing extremism.

 OUCH! Antifa Member Gets Nailed in the Balls by Phoenix Police Tear Gas Canister (VIDEO)

 Secret hearings held in ex-Oklahoma City cop's rape case

Watch: Phoenix Protester Takes a Pepper Ball to the Groin 

Pro-ISIS website warns of further attacks in Spain 

 Mike Rowe Absolutely Destroys Guy Who Accuses Him Of Being A White Nationalist

 Flake Campaign Dismisses Allegations He Is Weak On Border Security

 Navy to replace commander of 7th Fleet after latest collision

 ValueAct increases stake in Kravis' KKR

 USC causes stir with misspelled Shakespearean statue

 Freeform's Left-Leaning 'The Bold Type' Introduces Black, Male, Conservative Character

 Man pushes woman onto tracks of East Village subway station

Iran building a separate troop landing terminal in Tartus - report 

 Headless torso is missing Swedish journalist

 Black Ribbon Day: Will Romney, McCain And Rubio Wear Black Ribbons For Victims Of Nazism And Stalinism, Or Will They Keep On Attacking Alt Right Americans?

 Google, Walmart team up to take on Amazon Prime - CNET

 Tide turns on Duterte's lethal drug war

 Schlichter: "Normal Americans Are Bored By The Fake Drama"

Owner Of The Plaza Hotel, Once Trump's Crown Jewel, Hires Broker To Pursue A Sale 

 All the Statues Must Go

 Distracting Ourselves to Death

 NAME BLAME ESPN's Robert Lee pulled to avoid offending anyone

Frankfurt's international schools see Brexit bonus 

Strong euro leads big bond buyers into government debt rethink 

 *** NOT GUILTY *** Bunkerville Retrial

 Signs of radicalization in kindergarten children in Flanders

ISIS - Always-Always Claims Responsibility 

 Wife Of Imprisoned Activist Martin Gottesfeld Appeals To Trump And Sessions

 Hillary Clinton is funding the alt-left (she's NOT going away!)

Lebanon helped foil ISIS 'Barbie doll bomb' plot in Australia - minister 

 FreedomFest 2017: O'Keefe Moderates Saul Alinsky Panel FULL

 Tillerson: The Entire Effort Is Designed to Put Pressure on the Taliban and to Say You Will Not Win

 ALT-LEFT DEMOCRATS Attack Police Outside Trump Rally: FBN Anchor Screams 'Holy Sh*t!' (VIDEO)

George Soros Engineered Race War Begins 

 TRUMP GOES ON ATTACK President rails against media, sitting Arizona senators at Phoenix rally

 Sen. Flake extols his family's illegal-alien hiring in attack on RAISE Act

Judicial Watch accuses left-wing group of ordering Phoenix to become a sanctuary city 

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 Illegal Alien Caught With Gun Outside County Courthouse

 Can Kelly Conquer the White House Chaos?

 Hezbollah Threatens Key Israeli Nuclear Research Facility

 U.S. Navy to relieve Seventh Fleet commander after collisions in Asia: source

 13 Reasons Why linked to rise in searches about suicide

 The Enemy Within

 More Than 2,000 Veterans Are Waiting For An Appointment Outside The VA

 Police Inaction in Charlottesville Only Enabled the Race Hustlers

Trey Gowdy Gets Trolled By the OMB Director Who Threatens To Defund His Haircuts 

US travel warning for Cancun & Mexican vacation spots cites gang-related 'turf battles' 

 Democrat's Office Approved $120k Missing Equipment Write-off Linked To Muslim Spy Ring

 Commander of Naval Fleet to Be Relieved of Duty Following Collisions

 Illinois concealed-carry gun permits decline

Trump slams media, crowd chants 'CNN sucks!' 

 America's Got Talent: Recap, Live Show 2, TV information (August 22, 2017)

 Forget 'Anti-Science' - Democrats Are The 'Anti-Reason' Party NOW

 Company Aims To Keep Black Criminals Out Of Jail By Helping Them Pawn Their Guns To Make Bail

 Eclipsified leaf-gap shadows: nature reveals what the eye cannot observe directly

 Another Media Panic Over Bad Juju: ESPN Pulls Asian Guy Named Robert Lee from Announcing UVA Football Broadcast

 Jury refuses to convict in Bundy ranch standoff

 Comment on How @PeterDukePhoto and #GotNews Helped @Fired4Truth Triumph Over Google CEO @SundarPichai by dricore

 Hiring the Inner-City Unemployed, by Robert Weissberg

Historian: GOP Wins Because of 'Backlash Against' D.C. Establishment