Italian boxer with Nazi & white supremacist tattoos causes outrage after fight is livestreamed by major sports outlet

Newsom victory squashes rural California, which prayed for regime change

U.S. Funds Project to Boost Racial, Ethnic, Gender Diversity in Science at Private Women's College

TRUMP PEACE: Bahrain Jews Worship In Public For 1st Time in Over 70 Years Thanks to Trump's Abraham Accords

LYING TRAITORS: 'Biden's' DHS Boss Says 'Our Borders Are Not Open' as 200K+ Migrants

Vaccinated 'Karen' Melts Down, Attacks Unmasked Workers, Sprays Manager's Face with Cleaner

LA County Claims Emmys Not a COVID Violation in Unbelievable Statement

Key Vote NO on the Continuing Resolution for FY 2022, H.R. 5304

BoJo Scolds World Leaders for Lacklustre COP26 Climate Finance Commitments

Did Biden's political needs lead to tragically mistaken drone strike?

How Durham Bombshell Made a 'Birther' Out of Me

Politics and the Politicization of the US Military

Liberals: Try Reading Nazi Carl Schmitt!

Getting Started With Python on Hardware

Maker Spotlight: Maarten van Lier

Dog the Bounty Hunter's wedding 'sabotaged by anonymous threats to throw paint on his bride Francie Frane's dress'

US to double climate change finance to poorer nations, says Biden

Thousands of terrified families fear for their lives and no longer see Afghanistan as their home

Roman-era mixers and millstones made with geology in mind

Our eyes and brain work together to create a 'pipeline' of meaning - new study

Communist Cuba Jails Pastor for Months for Peaceful Protest, Group Asks Christians to Sign Petition to Free Him

Party Of Hysterical Screeching Screeching Reacts To Whipgate; Women, Minorities And Mental Cases Holding The "Reins" Of The Democratic Party

Xi Jinping's War on Woke Capital

'The Tragedy of Macbeth' Trailer: Frances McDormand and Denzel Washington Get Shakespearean In Joel Coen's Apple TV+ Drama

'Below Deck Med': Meet Chef Mathew's Dad, Actor Patrick Shea

Facebook says it's invested over $13 billion in safety and security - CNET

Apple, long a champion of consumer privacy, now sits at a crossroads - CNET

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 Phil Collins kicks off Genesis farewell tour in Birmingham, sings from chair amid health woes

 Spencer Rattler, Oklahoma did not look great vs. Nebraska but Lincoln Riley is not worried

 Most women aren't getting regular tests for cancer, other dangerous diseases, survey shows

 If only the WaPo national political reporter noting that media have largely ignored missing indigenous women were in a position to do something

 Why EFF Flew a Plane Over Apple's Headquarters

 W.H. Staff Escorts Press from Biden/Australian PM Meeting Without Allowing Questions

 Tiny Tina's Wonderlands has some very convoluted pre-order bonuses

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 Aussies Rise Up Against Forced Jabs And Endless Lockdowns

 CNN: Stop 'Doing Your Own Research'

 Tragedy when two men die in NY after man jumps to his death, lands on another

 Jason Miller: DeSantis press secretary's Twitter suspension would not have happened on GETTR

Video: 3 women arrested for fight with NYC restaurant worker over COVID-19 vaccine proof

Pics/Vids: Thousands of Australians chase off police in clash over COVID vaccine mandates

 The Myth of 'Long COVID'

 Cry Macho, Shake Hollywoke

 Stolen Gun Linked To 27 Chicago Shootings

 'LGBTQ+ allyship trainings' at a Catholic university? Yes, there are.

 EXCLUSIVE: OSU spent $100k on 4 diversity workshops

 Oil Prices Under Pressure From China's Evergrande Crisis

 The Afghanistan Debacle Was A Major Wake Up Call For NATO

 Stunning SCOTUS decision has Dems reeling

 They come with measles, varicella, mumps, TB, malaria, leishmaniasis, hep A, COV

 Alabama hospital ends COVID vaccine requirement

 Mayor of Kabul orders female government employees to leave, go home

The Media Make It Clear That The Problem Isn't The Guns, It's You

 Former FDA Commissioner: Six Foot Social Distancing Rule Was 'Arbitrary'

 Scientists: Edible Plants Being Altered To Carry mRNA Vaccine Payload

Antifa ransacks Leipzig after Greens campaign for them