Norway's Islamic Council hires face-veiled woman as communications officer, sparking controversy 

 Anonymous Hackers Hijack Islamic Call To Prayer With Porn Sounds

 Francois Fillon's wife is charged with criminal offences

'HANNITY' EPA chief defends Trump's executive order on energy 

 Reuters Poll - Almost Half Of Canadians Want Illegal Border Crossers Deported

 A Reader Asks About The Fate Of A Swedish Victim Of Immigrant Rape

 Woman facing murder charges asks Orlando police to 'tell me he is dead,' reports say

Eastern European countries join forces! Refuse to take refugees Brussels is pushing on them 

 House Intelligence Chair Calls Out Obama-Govt. For (Illegal) Surveillance Of Trump (VIDEO)

 Rachel Maddow blames viewers for Trump tax return flop

Top Democrat Chuck Schumer Lost His Mind And Flipped Out On Trump Supporting Friend's Wife 

 Foreign Journalists Not Welcome in Venezuela

Bodies of two U.N. workers found in Democratic Republic of Congo 

 MUSLIM ACTOR Who Accused Disney of Racism Is 'N*gger-Hating' Racist Who Brags about Rape

 Juan Williams: If Obama had acted like Trump...

 The White House Needs an Injection of Calm

 Surprise! Univision Reports Returning Deportees Finding Work In Mexico

London Stansted flight delays following activist demo 

CNN Praises: 'Hillary Clinton Is Back!' With Defense of April Ryan 

 Three illegal Palestinian arms factories discovered, shut down by IDF

 Pew: No U.S. Industry is Made Up of a Majority of Immigrant Workers


 Woman Arrested For Biting Spouse During Sex

 Panicked Democrats Threaten House Intelligence Chair For Supporting President Trump

 Democrats strike out again on Trump tax request


 Michael Moore Says Trump Will Cause Human Extinction

 RUSH: What If There Was Intel That Trump Was Working With Priebus To SCREW Cruz And Bush?

 Rachel Maddow Goes for Ratings Hit by Releasing Trump Taxes... Massively BACKFIRES Instead

George Soros Co-Opted Millions in US Taxpayer Dollars. Why Rex Tillerson Is the Man to Fix It. 

 Weiner's Child Abuse Victim: FBI Director 'Let Abuse Continue'

 What Russian army can do to Ukraine in case of war

 Ariz. 'Dreamer' incorrectly accused of being 'illegal' immigrant

 Iraq 'Made Mistake' Attacking Mosul Before Capturing Isis Safe Zones

 Climate Change critics: Trump order rolling back Obama plan a big win for Wisconsin

 London Suffers Terror Attack Against Parliament, Westminster Bridge

 Illegal Alien Broke Into Woman's Home, Tried To Kidnap Her Child

 Trump's Sweeping Executive Order on Climate Policy Has Been Sorely Needed

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 Trump unwinds Obama actions on climate change

 How to Keep Russia Sanctions Trump-Proof

 BREAKING: White House On Lock Down - Suspicious Package Found

 Univision reporta sobre deportados que encuentran trabajo en Mexico

 Rollins Muslim Professor who suspended Christian student defended Jew-hatred and aided lover In radicalizing kids

 Lawyer Brags About Defending Teacher Alleged to Have Sexually Assaulted Students With Knife

 Google makes its Translate mobile apps available for users in China

 Lib Politician Caught Warning Illegal Aliens About Imminent ICE Raids

 Baltimore Small Business Owner 'Overjoyed' After Meeting with President Trump and Ivanka

 The Washington Post Used My Gun Video To Create Fake News - Here's My Response

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 Suit alleges motel owners allowed sex trafficking before woman's death

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 Texas Mother Horrified After TSA Gives Her Disabled Son An 'Excessive' Patdown

 Michelle Malkin: The New Al Sharpton-Benjamin Crump,TV's Rising Fake News Star

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 Silicon Valley fund gives $330 thousand to CAIR, Islamic Relief Foundation

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 New method to 'fingerprint' HIV developed

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 Muslims raise £30k for Westminster terror attack victims

 ATF Shuts Down Another DIY 'Solvent Trap' Business, Indicts Owner for Criminal Charges

 Graham Norton Presses Uncomfortable Model about Sex Story Even After She Says Her Dad's in Audience