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 Joe Burrow says he's 'pro-taunting': 'I'm not gonna get my feelings hurt'

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CNN Contributor: Until We Deal with the Issues of Race, We Will Always Have O.J. Simpson Moments

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 Daily Feed 4/12/24

 Calif: $24B Was Spent On Homelessness For Last 5 Years But No Outcomes Were Tracked, Officials Can't Account 'How' Funds Helped

Teachers could carry concealed guns under red state's bill

Video: House GOP gives gov't 'permission to spy' on Americans without a warrant

 Stand for Life. Or Don't.

 The Supreme Court's Religious Retreat

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 Orphaned orca: Rescue attempt begins at remote B.C. lagoon

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 Trump opposes Arizona Supreme Court ruling on pro-life law, urges legislature to 'act as fast as possible!'

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Cookie Monster Shows Off Stunning Weight Loss After Taking Ozempic

 Japan's Masayasu Inoue's Urgent Plea: Unveiling the Dangers of Vaccinations, WHO's Role, and the Endangered Future of Humanity (Video)

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The New York Times Has a Leaker Problem...

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The 76ers unveiled a statue of Allen Iverson outside their practice facility and it's the size of a toddler

Arizona Democrats yelled "BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!" to GOP lawmakers who refused to overturn the state's abortion ban

 Leftist 'Reacher' Actor Alan Ritchson: Christians Are a 'Vitriolic Tribe'

 K-Pop Star Park Bo Ram Drops Dead at 30 from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

President Joe Biden says 'extreme voices' against racial equality put democracy at risk

Donald Trump, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson meet at Mar-a-Lago