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Israel Establishes Formal Relations With UAE In U.S.-Brokered Peace Deal

Austin City Council Defunds Police, 911 Services While Upping Taxpayer Funds For Abortion

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 Mises University 2021

 Rothbard Graduate Seminar 2021

 OBG: The hidden mortgage tax that funded payroll tax cut: Almost nobody knows about it and nobody in Congress will claim credit or blame

'Where Can I Flee From Your Presence?'

 Palestinians: Jews, Christians Are Our Enemy

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Kushner on private meeting with Kanye West: 'Unlike others, I'm able to keepfriendships across the aisle'

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 Justice Department finds that Yale illegally discriminates against Asian-American and white applicants

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 Fortnite also removed from the Google Play Store

 Epic Games is suing Apple over Fortnite, App Store policies

 Second Teen Killer Of John Weed Gets Off With Probation After Being Tried As Juvenile

 Adult Male Filmed Assaulting Macy's Employee Tried As Juvenile; Claim Victim Said N-Word Admitted To Be A Lie

 Fortnite for Android just got axed from the Google Play Store too

 Daily Crunch: Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store

Biden says all U.S. governors should mandate masks to slow coronavirus' spread

Mexico, nearing 500,000 coronavirus cases, to help with vaccine

 Georgia shop forced to apologize after requiring white customers pay $20 deposit for appointments

 Harris has totally changed her tune since she reportedly had nearly 2,000 people locked up on marijuana charges

CBP officers seize almost 600 packages of methamphetamine in a cactus shipment & more than 7 tons of marijuana in lime shipment

Prosecutors seek permission for single trial for all 4 ex-officers in George Floyd killing

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 "Be a patriot": It's time for a national mask mandate, says Biden

A Letter to the Gun-Grabbing Mayor of Richmond, Virginia


 AZ Lawmaker: State COVID-19 Hospitalization Counts Are Inflated

 Nursing Homes Shocked At 'Insanely Wrong' COVID-19 Data

 CDC Confesses To Lying About COVID-19 Death Counts

Seven shootings in 'French Chicago' Grenoble recorded since end of June

Dutch summer: Shootings, violence, chaos

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