Ocasio-Cortez, Warren Express Disappointment Over Female Lead In 'GoT' Ending

Planned Parenthood Leader Says Men Can Have Children, Tucker Begs To Differ

Pennsylvania's 12th District Stays Red After Tom Marino's Surprise Resignation

Segregation Is Back, and It's Coming From the Left

Socialism Promises a Utopia, but Delivers Suffering

This Arizona Policy Change Is Robbing Navajo Kids of School Opportunity

Jon Gruden defends Antonio Brown's OTA absence

Man miraculously survives taking an arrow to the heart

As other suitors debate asking Ultra out, Miami has second thoughts about breakup

A teenager 'who hasn't had a chance to live his life' killed in Miami Gardens shooting

Windows 10 1903 arrives after stretch of extra testing

TypeScript 3.5 fixes 'unbearably slow' type-checking bug

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin to face son of former Democratic governor in 2019 general election

AG Barr blasts federal judges who impose nationwide injunctions

CNN Presses Pro-Life Guest on Cost of Raising a Child, Claiming 'Hypocrisy'

Man Stole Daughter's Girl Scouts Cookie Money To Pay For Erotic Massage

Who is Steve Bulllock, Democratic candidate for president?

YES Prep celebrates their 2019 Senior Signing Day at NRG Stadium

Today marks 40 years since the White Night riots roiled San Francisco

Almost two-thirds of Americans oppose pre-emptive US strike on Iran, fresh poll finds

India's economy will 'come back with a bang,' country's 'Warren Buffett' says

WATCH Muslim singer: 'On Judgment Day, we will all kill Jews'

Crimes, deaths, and attacks during Ramadan 2019 - updated daily

Camping World refuses to stop flying giant American flag, fined $11,000

DUH: HUD housing should put Americans first

Special: U.S. Banks Allowed To Seize Your Checking Accounts

Alabama TV Station Refuses to Play 'Arthur' Episode Featuring Gay Wedding

Watch This Woman Pack More Than 100 Items In A Carry-On Bag

Kim Jong Un Shreds 'Imbecile' Joe Biden And It Is Hilarious

Joe Biden's Latest Claim Will Have Al Gore Seething

Ep 42 | The Freedom Files with Adam Brandon | Guest: Jim Lamon

Will New Zealand Accept Thousands of Progressive Aussie Climate Refugees?

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India antitrust probe finds Monsanto abused dominant position: sources