Iran's Torture Mastermind Set to Become the Next President

Biden Administration Forms Blueprint to Combat Domestic Extremism

AZ Lawmaker to Biden's AG: Touch AZ Ballots or Machines, You'll Spend Time in AZ Prison

Biden Laughs, Goes Silent for Nearly 10 Seconds After Reporter Asks About Putin

Breaking, Supermarket Cashier Killed, Deputy Wounded in Georgia Over Mask-Wearing Dispute

FreedomWorks Foundation Submits Comments on Climate Change Disclosure

The Disappointing Nature Of Some Science Writing

Emergency! explicated

Why Merrick Garland Must Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate the Bidens

Social Mobility is a Lot Less Mobile Than We Thought

Hypocrisy of the Woke Dons

China warns NATO it will not 'sit by and do nothing' if challenges arise

PM hails 'new dawn' as UK and Australia agree trade deal - with Britons under 35 able to travel and work there more freely

New survey method proves Rhode Island's rarest frog may not be so rare

Targeted drug found effective in thwarting pancreatic tumors Initiative #3: Protecting The Assets We Already Have

Big Dock Energy: All Hail Captain Glenn!

OnePlus Nord CE vs. Nord vs. Nord N10 5G: OnePlus smartphone specs compared - CNET

Christianity's Growth Problem Isn't Politics, It's Our Failure To Have And Evangelize Children

Wikipedia's Quiet, Big-Tech-Funded Grip On Internet Knowledge Gives It Too Much Power

Inside The Museum Of Modern Art's Beautiful New Cezanne Show

China's Killer VT-4 Tank Is for Sale. Is Anyone Buying?

Home Delivery: 'Plus-Up' Stimulus Checks are Coming to Your Door

Alexander Hamilton's 'Implied Powers' Wrecked the Constitution

All Is Hype for the Biden-Putin Summit

Futures, Rates Calm Ahead Of FOMC As Copper Crumbles

EU, US Unveil 5-Year Truce In 17-Year Aircraft Trade Spat

The G7's Reckless Commitment To Mounting Debt

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 (READ) White farmers win fight against "discriminatory" criteria for federal Covid relief

 (WATCH) Tracking Covid-19 relief fraud

The Morning Brew for Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Military Photo of the Day: Ambush Patrol Training at Kangaroo Flats

 What the West Can Learn from China's War on India

 Palestinians: The Battle to Steal Reconstruction Funds

 The Covid BioWeapon: Made in the USA, Aimed at China, by Mike Whitney and Ron Unz

Clinton Emails Reporter Christopher Sign Who 'Committed Suicide' Was Getting Death Threats

 Simone Biles would be 'uncomfortable' with daughter getting into gymnastics

 National weather forecast: Heat wave in West as temperatures will reach into the 110s

 Vaccinated Hawaiian resident tests positive for Delta coronavirus variant

 Unconstitutional Florida Law Barring Platforms from Suspending Politicians Should be Blocked, EFF Tells Court

 Hearing Tuesday: EFF Testifies Against SFPD for Violating Transparency Policies

 Noah: G7 Leaders Were So Traumatized by Trump, They Wouldn't Even Say His Name

 Chrome OS was born 10 years ago. Here are the highlights in its rise to power

 AMD Radeon RX 6000 series: Everything you need to know

 Kai-Fu Lee's Sinovation bets on Linux tablet maker Jingling in $10M round

 Duda, a WordPress rival, raises $50M to help agencies and bigger companies build better websites

MLB roundup: Mets snap Cubs' winning streak

 EU launches landmark new bond programme to near record demand - lead

 Outrage grows as Justice seeks to contain subpoena fallout

 Biden gushes praise for Putin, seemingly suffers awkward 'brain freeze' when asked if he's still 'a killer'

 Man, 30, who shot dead a Georgia store cashier who told him to wear a mask before he was shot by an off-duty cop

White House: Biden to go 'solo' for post-Putin press conference

Biden: Government must draft anti-corruption plan by December

 Speaker at Yale Fantasizes About Murdering White People

 Netanyahu Ouster Threatens Israel's National Security

 Why Mandated Safety Classes Don't Necessarily Work

 Armed Driver Stops New Orleans Carjacking

 SURVEY: Despite push from academia, teaching of CRT in schools is deeply unpopular

 U.S. Shale Oil Production Set To Grow By 38,000 Bpd Next Month

 AZ AG warns Garland in a fiery letter he will not tolerate any undermining of the audit

 Futon County drop boxes are under investigation over missing chain of custody docs

 Breyer suffers ageism attacks from Democrats

 Has anyone really reached the summit of all 14 of the world's highest mountains?

 Thanks To Pandemic, 'Climate Lockdowns' Are Now On The Horizon

 Next Up For AI: Learning How To Read Your Lips

German PEI greenlights Pfizer citing insufficient data after myocarditis reports

Swiss vote to monitor 'potential terrorists' from age 12

AfD inquiry into refugee policy making waves in Hong Kong

 PAINE IN THE MORNING: 8 things you need to know this Tuesday - June 15th 2021 (LISTEN)